12 mistakes you have committed on condom, see what kind of?

Editor’s note: condoms are closely related to our lives. Condoms are, as it were, a necessity in our daily life. In order to facilitate a lot of boys in your wallet will carry one or two condoms, although this practice is not what is wrong, but in the actual use of the process should pay attention, this is good for both men and women. In addition, experts advise: for safety reasons, put too long in the wallet or pocket, it is best not to continue using. Summer always want a passionate love love, may be inseparable from the help of interest products, but also inseparable from the condom’s intimate guardian. You may think that is very simple, directly on the line, in fact, is not a small, seemingly simple action, it is very easy to make * * annoying! What is wrong is the way you may have encountered? 0″Teletext independent1, wear too lateThere are many people who are in love began to wear condoms, about half of the people are doing, in fact, should the true method should be in love before, including intimacy began wearing, to prevent sexual organs have close contact.2, pick too earlySome people rush the condom off before the end of the coitus. Although the ejaculation is complete, the condom may still cause pregnancy or spread disease.On the 3, did not wear before rollingThere are about 17% people in did not wear condoms before it completely off, it could cause condom breakage, will lose its role.4. Leave some space for semenRegular condoms are stored in the seminal vesicles, and some people have encountered no storage of the seminal vesicles or insufficient storage space of the seminal vesicles, which can easily cause the condom to rupture and cause pregnancy.5, no exhaust airAlmost half of women and 41.6% of men did not exhaust the habit of cutting-edge air when they used them, which eventually led to condom breakage. The correct way is to gently pinch your fingers to get rid of the air inside.6, not fully expandedJust start the condom half and trap half of the penis and start sex. Such a move is very dangerous and easily spread diseases.7. Open the package with sharp objectsOpen packaging items using a knife, a nail tip, which leads to latex rupture, crack.8, do not check before useThe condom will not be checked before use, including whether it is within the shelf life and whether the quality is qualified. Maybe your condom is out of date!9, no lubricant or wrong lubricantNo lubricant will increase the friction of the condom and cause the risk of rupture. If necessary, it is recommended that the lubricant be applied to the condom. But now the condom comes with lubrication. The use of oil-based lubricant will degrade latex and reduce the strength of condoms. 3.2% of female respondents and 4.7% of men make such mistakes.10, the penis withdrawal time is improperIf the penis has been weak and then pulled out, it is easy to let the condom slip, this way is wrong.11, reuseCondoms are disposable, do not re-use!12, error storageImproper storage of condoms, such as an overheated environment, sun exposure, and a fitting pocket, will reduce condom longevity. (original title: 12 wrong is law, you did what?)

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