the era of the Inflated Sex Doll

This year’s Davis World Economic Forum released 2015 annual top ten emerging technologies, including ‘artificial intelligence with self-learning function’ list.


A long time, science fiction AI is often a utopian nightmare. Artificial intelligence is clearly associated with risk, which is the most prominent risk is that super-intelligent machines may one day be counter-human, human slavery. Although this risk in the coming decades will not come true, but some experts have expressed serious concern on this appeal properly guide the development of artificial intelligence, to avoid risks that may arise in the future. The current AI research
USA has grown to what step? It brings more of a threat or an opportunity? Current ‘Meme perspective’ in support of the Shanghai Institute of Artificial Intelligence, the Shanghai group of invited experts and scholars in related fields, to express their views on this topic, let us have a clearer AI understanding.
elected by the annual list of emerging technologies emerging technology straddling Council of the World Economic Forum, are the most promising to solve the long-term challenges of global technological achievements, aimed to promote attention to the potential of emerging technologies and the hidden risks, published annually once.
This year’s list of self-learning artificial intelligence technology with the development of automation technology, intelligent Inflated Sex Doll, brain integrates technologies and disciplines, is gradually emerged from obscurity to become closer and closer protagonist of the new technology. Some experts optimistic about the development of this technology will lead the next wave of technology, but around this technology may pose a threat worries never corpuscles.

Artificial intelligence do not despise

A Inflated Sex Doll than a person, or a group of people clever, is entirely possible, but Inflated Sex Doll are to exceed the overall intelligence of our humanity, is still too early.

James: USA Academy of Engineering is now working on a topic: how to look at the arrival of the era of the Inflated Sex Doll? I think it is a set of intelligent Inflated Sex Doll and new materials, new technology products, new energy, GPS navigation, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, automation and other disciplines and technologies of human society to the wisdom of life important partner. So I advocate conditional University Inflated Sex Doll Institute to be established. Inflated Sex Doll Academy is not an ordinary set of disciplines and professional, but several interdisciplinary syntheses, because today has come to the Inflated Sex Doll era.

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