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Editor’s note: condoms are now the most essential family daily necessities, the rational use of condoms can not only prevent accidental pregnancy, but also aids and other infectious diseases isolated from the door. But do you really know the proper use of condoms? It almost every time to hear this news: obviously the use of condoms was pregnant. Although condoms are not 100%, but a careful investigation reveals that time method, this part of people use condoms is simply no smile. (text independent)Xiyuan Hospital of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine; chief physician of Andrology; Guo JunBeijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen hospital gynecology department chief physician Guo ZhiqiangBeijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen hospital andrology Wang BinBeijing Hospital Department of Urology chief physician Deng ShuminJiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital urological andrology chief physician Ni LiangyuHenan Province People’s Hospital Department of Urology chief physician Zhang XiangshengThe German engineer Hu Zheng of Bingen UniversityThe so-called “food and sex”, but a little secret of lovemaking, maybe a lot of people with a lifetime do not know!Do not have sex immediately after 1. mealsAfter satiety, the gastrointestinal activity increases suddenly, and the blood goes to the gastrointestinal tract to help digestion, and the amount of blood allocated to the reproductive organs is relatively reduced. Generally, 1 hours after meals, the stomach is almost digested, and there is enough blood to be allocated to sexual organs, which is of higher quality.2. how often do you see someone?The frequency of sexual life should be divided according to the individual’s sexual ability, while the sexual ability is related to the physical and physical state of the two couples. More than 20 year old young people can do more than 4 times a week, more than 30 year old people can 3 times a week, more than 40 year old people can 2 times a week, people over the age of 50 can once a week.3 long is not as hard as hardThe woman’s sexual sensitivity in the vulva clitoris, labia minora and about 1/3 outside the vagina, the average length of the penis, thickness and twitch time can be enough stimulus. In contrast, the penis erection hardness is crucial, it directly determines the degree of the woman’s G-spot get extrusion, friction and other stimuli, but also to feel the core elements of woman climax.4. the length of penile erection is independent of weaknessMen who are in the bathroom because their penis is short do not have to feel inferior anymore. There is no necessary link between the weakness of the penis and the length and size of the full erection of the penis. It is possible to have a shorter, shorter, longer penis than the weaker one.5., sex can also anti-agingCouples make love at least four times a week, looking more than 10 years younger than average adults, according to a study at the Royal Edinburgh hospital. “Happiness comes from sex, which is a key factor, because sex can release adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine. These help the body maintain the skin cell wall compact and relax muscles.” In addition, researchers at the Wilkes University have found that the immune system of sex two times a week to let you have a better one; the British international urology Research Report magazine also pointed out that men often ejaculation, prostate cancer risk reduction of 1/3.6. quite a few men don’t wear them properlyA large proportion of men do not deliberately exhaust air from the front vesicles when they are wearing condoms. After all, some feelings come too suddenly. But this simple “squeeze” movement is very important, if not pay attention to, it may lead to condom breakage, or fall off.7. – stop – motion technology helps improve sexual performanceProper tolerance of fine, not shooting, can play a certain ability to improve sex, prolong sexual love time, improve the quality of sexual love. The method is to pause before ejaculation, and control the tolerance of sperm through the contraction of pelvic floor muscles, and improve the control of ejaculation and the pleasure of ejaculation. This is the dynamic stop motion technique.8. exercise can exercise the ability of levator aniPelvic floor muscle is the key muscle group to control ejaculation, so the effective exercise method is to lower the anal sphincter. First, quickly contract and relax pelvic floor muscles, each time for 10 seconds, 3 consecutive groups, each interval of 10 seconds. Then continue to repeat the action, but each time for 3~5 seconds, each group interval of 5 seconds. Exercise 1~2 times a day, you can extend the duration according to your own circumstances. Generally adhere to the practice, a month later will have obvious results.9. feet also stimulate sexIn traditional Chinese medicine, there are many acupuncture points that stimulate sexual love in the foot. Holland University of Groningen has also done relevant research, and shows that warm feet can increase the female orgasm by 30%, and can also speed up the sexual reaction. Before sex, warm the feet with warm water to promote the blood circulation of the foot. It can effectively stimulate sexual desire and enhance the feeling of love.10. after sexual love should be hot, not coldAfter sex, drink water, bath and so on should be dominated by warm. In the process of sexual intercourse, the whole body, including the gastrointestinal tract of the blood vessels in the expansion of the state, in the gastrointestinal mucosa congestion, not restored to normal, the intake of cold drinks will make the gastrointestinal mucosa suddenly cold and cause gastrointestinal discomfort or colic. Similarly, the skin blood vessels are expanded state, after the cold will aggravate the burden of * *.11. emergency contraceptives do not exceed three times a yearAn emergency contraceptive dosage equivalent to 8 days of conventional short acting oral contraceptive drug dosage, excessive dosage cause menstrual disorder, ovarian suppression, cause endocrine disorders, severe will cause amenorrhea. Preferably not more than three times a year, preferably less than once a month.12. being drunk does not helpDrinking a little alcohol really helps, but after getting drunk, having sex can hurt a man. A people believe that alcohol stimulation with sexual stimulation is the perfect combination, and ignore the fact that the poor state of health, but the quality of life is very low, so long, may reduce the organ sensitivity caused by hypogonadism.

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