2015 Canadian Toronto adult show ETWS sexy lingerie show

Abstract: this afternoon, organized by the China Development Corporation and the Shanghai International Adult exhibition Committee organized by the China Reproductive Health Industry Association standards work forum held in Wuhan Optics Valley Convention center. The meeting was attended by Tao Qingjun, Li Yanqiu, Ma Lincong, Wu Shaohua, Sun Wei soldiers and family planning and reproductive health China Industry Association, the relevant leaders of National Standardization Association, there are three hundred trade (Austria HO… This afternoon by the company and the Shanghai International Exhibition in the exhibition organizing committee will work on the Chinese adult reproductive health industry Association sponsored by the standard the meeting held in Wuhan Conference Center in Optics Valley. The meeting was attended by Tao Qingjun, Li Yanqiu, Ma Lincong, Wu Shaohua, Sun Wei soldiers and family planning and reproductive health China Industry Association, the relevant leaders of National Standardization Association, there are three hundred trade (Austria HOT), Adams, hand lovers, Hui have hope, Amazon, Jissbon, and an imperial pansidong more than 30 adult sex toys industry business representatives, business as the media industry also attended this seminar. 0″The president, Chinese Reproductive Health Industry Association vice president Tao Qingjun Li Yanqiu said the reproductive health industry association is the enterprise, hope the enterprises can often contact the association, there are suggestions and expectations to reflect the association.Make a group standard reproductive health industry association and enterprises over the years common expectations, but because of the special industry, the access threshold is not high, a large number of enterprises, to develop a rigorous, scientific, with the majority of the interests of the enterprise standard is not easy, is the so-called good thing more good, more grinding.Ma Lincong, Secretary General of the National Standardization Association, said: “the formulation of our national standards has reference to the methods of the United States Standardization Commission, and our reproductive health industry occupies an important position in the world, more than 50%.”Adult interest in our products in China, we have to formulate relatively high industry standards, in line with international development.An imperial enterprise representative speech: Men delay our products now in the grey state, now is the use of consumer brand GB, although the formal product, in many pharmacies are sold, but the state now prohibited propaganda efficacy. Therefore, we hope to introduce the standards of our products, so that we can follow the law.Speaking on behalf of Mr. Zhang, a lover enterprise, I hope that the name and terminology standards of the product can be formulated first, and that the proposal will be affirmed by the leaders of the participants.Dalian exdoll spokesman said: we have to develop their own enterprise standards, there is reference to children’s toys industry standards, before the Alibaba issued their own standards Adult supplies industry, mainly related to sex toys and lubricant products. I hope the association can promote the formulation of the national industry standards, I believe many enterprises will respond positively.Jissbon representative said: we have a taste of lubricant before pharmacies are selling, but now we have been informed that the products are not allowed to be sold in pharmacies, because this lubricant our products does not belong to the class of medical instruments, to the introduction of relevant standards for auxiliary products of this type of human reproductive health lubricant can online pharmacy sales. Rather than hard to set a drug size.Leaders of the association said: “today is mainly the collection of enterprise opinions and suggestions, as the establishment of group standards start, and later these suggestions will be the focus of our work.”.As everyone knows, now Chinese adult sex supplies industry lack of Industry Standard Specification for this phenomenon can lead to the production of enterprises, each enterprise to set their own standards, standards vary, uneven product quality. While consumers due to asymmetric information, unable to distinguish the quality of the product, especially as the vibrators contain batteries, chip components and male sex toys, these spray human private parts in contact with the product.And some unscrupulous businessmen, with exaggerated description, publishing false picture shoddy method to mislead consumers, causing consumers to buy a lot of experience, very good use of low quality sex products, but because of privacy issues, ashamed to the consumer association and other relevant departments have issued the relevant complaints, comments on the Internet, these comments will undoubtedly make demonizethe the erotic popular impression, with vulgar, boring, fraud and other negative labels. For example, a few years ago, widespread online product pictures are made of exquisite entity dolls, sold only a few hundred dollars, but consumers buy orders, but received a few tens of dollars worth of inflated dolls. This business can be in Taobao, Jingdong and many other mainstream, electronic business platform set up shop, because the industry lacks the entity dolls, inflatable dolls and other products to distinguish specific standards.I hope the adult interest products industry standards can be introduced and gradually improved. Let this special, but closely related to the public life of the industry, orderly and rapid development.

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