2015 German Berlin adult exhibition VENUS awards ceremony

Abstract: the survey of Chinese citizens’ sexual literacy is the first time in China to carry out a survey on the cognition and understanding of sexual health and sexual knowledge. 0″ in the sixteenth World Men’s health day to the end, by China Institute, Chinese Medical Association andrology branch, health and public health newspaper magazine co sponsored by Pfizer Chinese support “care for men’s health escort sex life” men’s Health Day theme activities today in Beijing hold. At the meeting, the results of the survey on the quality of Chinese citizens’ sexual love were announced, which was the first time to carry out the investigation on the cognition and understanding of Chinese people’s sexual health and sexual knowledge. 0″ shows: more than 43.41% people because of work life and various pressures, chose to reduce sexual frequency, and when the other party expressed strong demand, according to the old 42.56% people choose to ignore or escape to sleep; even if more than half of the male partner is willing to meet the demand, but most of them still choose Kuaijinkuaichu way. In addition to the conservative, 18.59% popular as a radical, they frequently choose back as much as possible, either self demand or partner’s expectations, always the first time to meet, so the high frequency of sexual life partner satisfaction but also harvest only 37.21%. In this regard, China Institute executive vice chairman and Secretary General Jiang Hui pointed out that they are not scientific behavior too much and too little to pay, Chinese love sex thing is actually a middle course, should be moderate, namely to the law. There are 38% choices of sexual life, change with age and increase or decrease, regular sex makes not because of indulgence and exhausted not because of too little and cause prostate related diseases. The survey also showed that: 56.78% of the public’s choice of books and books to get information on the network, parents and relatives and friends in the little help of sexual knowledge. The network of numerous content, so that the public can more fast and convenient access to the content as much as possible, but not all people can distinguish between right and wrong eye, 46.92% of the population is more willing to believe that medical professionals, hope that through professional medical institutions to give more scientific diagnosis and treatment. Why such a low male health disease hospital, 41.43% men face open and no privacy treatment environment not willing to open their hearts, 33.05% of men questioned the treatment given by experts, the most serious is the 11.65% of the population had no formal treatment experience. In this regard, Jiang Hui said that the traditional concept of tonic let the Chinese people in the face of male disease, drug treatment to normal hospital and neglected by the right. Blind to intervention, in the absence of scientific basis under the guidance of the tonic, not only delay the disease, and may cause two damage. Now at the end of July the State Food and Drug Administration in the official website issued a notice that 69 kinds of wine, with 51 production of wine in the illegal addition of sildenafil. Therefore, he called for the emergence of male health crisis and sexual disease, should choose a regular hospital andrology clinic, listen to the doctor’s professional arrangements. “Chinese citizens literacy survey” project by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Medical Association, the men’s science branch presided over the 3 months before and after the launch, a total of received the results of the survey of 72377.

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