2016 Chicago adult exhibition eXXXotica exhibition audience

Abstract: in July 11th, the passion of the 2016 European Cup ended, in Portugal, France lost in the championship. Over the past month, fans of the night life is mostly in the late, drink, watch the ball through the crowd, online shopping online number rose significantly, Jersey, beer, crayfish and other merchandise sales soared. So many people are in ridicule, the European Cup took life time, football took “popping” scenes, is this really the case? Taobao headline index United first financial data center commercial mining during the European Cup amphoteric products sales found that nearly a month of sexual activities sales did not decline significantly; Shanghai, Guangxi and even contrarian overtaking, buy ranking rise; 23-28 age gender activities boyfriend to buy most; also, lingerie and women, nearly half of the shock jump great men had been bought…… 0″

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