2017 Russian adult exhibition eroexpo report – exhibitors

Editor’s note: Durex copy copy appreciation: at the moment, the only way to stop her online shopping. Seeing the prodigal girls let the data instantly speeding, Tmall double eleven turnover of over 50 billion, and asked what would stop Tmall?! Tmall copywriting: no sleep. I hold up, I can buy. What is the name of leveraging the power of Durex know. In the face of billions of data, Tmall Durex’s voice: Just Du it! Copy: no man because of lovemaking and tired, especially strong men, 38 minutes and 15 seconds, 3320000 million sperm. When Durex interactive ring copy marketing, grasp the hot, fast response, creativity is clever, really overwhelmed with admiration for. But soon, ruthless, also is the basic work of Durex.

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