600 thousand copycat condoms go abroad in Italy checked

Abstract: the copycat condom out of the country, Italy seized 600 thousand imitation brand condoms China manufacturing including counterfeit brands such as Durex,… According to the French “Le Parisien” reported on July 7th, Italy financial police announced on July 7th local time in Rome – Fiumicino Airport seized 600 thousand Chinese for counterfeit condoms, these counterfeit goods also use some the world famous brand of condom packaging. Agence France-Presse news, Italy police said in a statement, Yuecha won 600 thousand condoms in the world famous brand condoms realistic imitation exquisite packaging, such as Durex. Police also pointed out that, after the official laboratory test results, these condoms are not properly disinfected, and the use of harmful human health chemical procedures. Police investigation found that these condoms are made in China, and then stored in a warehouse in Albania, and then wholesale sales, and sales in the network. The statement also pointed out that the police will transfer 20 suspects to the court, most of them Chinese citizens. Pretty Love Sex Products For Woman Full Silicone Rotation Penis 30 Speed Vibrator

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