A lack of sex education, 90% students do not know contraceptive grace

Abstract: love in love is beautiful first awakening interest in the opposite sex, but, how to guide young people a correct understanding of love, love, face the fact that our family education, school education, social education should be how to reflect? 0″ media had earlier issued a report of a group of adolescent health online, the purpose of the investigation is to understand the students about sex and reproductive health attitudes and behaviors. A total of 3610 people participated in the survey, and the results of the survey also showed some problems we have to pay attention to. 85.5% of the students did not know how to contraception during the study, more than half of people believe that sex education will allow young people to have sex earlier. In this investigation, for you in high school (including junior high school, high school and vocational high school), received contraceptive knowledge education?” , 85.5% of the boys said they did not accept, and the girls did not accept the choice of 83.3%, that is, in the investigation of the group of 3610 people, the 3043 people did not receive contraception knowledge education. Thus, our lack of sex education in schools is very serious. 0″ set up such questions in the survey, do you think the school education will lead to young people earlier and more sex? However, the results of the survey are somewhat unexpected. 61.08% of the boys that may be, will be, girls also have a choice of 61.13% people may be sure”. This also reflects the current majority of people in schools to carry out sex education courses, if the sex education courses in the form and content is not appropriate, it is likely to have the opposite effect. This data is an important reference for the development of sex education organizations and schools. For the first time in life, to take contraceptive measures?” This problem, boys and girls are more than 40% of each answer “did not take contraceptive measures, and afterwards there is no remedy”, at the same time, about 20% of the people said “did not take contraceptive measures, but make up afterwards, students generally visible on the sex consciousness of contraception. This is the abortion buried a hidden danger. The investigators about 20% the selection of remedial method of contraception, but asked whether emergency contraception is harmful to the body, regardless of male or female students, about 80% are considered “”. There is a natural conflict of emergency contraceptives. Emergency contraception is a contraceptive failure or no remedy for contraception, safety is no problem, but it has no effect on conventional contraceptives. This result has to let us ponder, now widespread precocious child, menarche, boys were ahead of the first spermatorrhea, some girls begin menstruating at the age of 9, some 11 year old boy first spermatorrhea, this is not an indisputable fact premature, both teachers and parents, or engage in social publicity and education work comrades to admit this reality. According to the features of adolescent boys and girls to take dramatic changes in physical health education is very necessary! 0″ love in the first awakening interest in the opposite sex love is beautiful, when, but how to guide young people a correct understanding of love, love, parents and teachers should guide them to understand: sex is the highest state of love, the girl is not easy to strangers, boys can not easily on the bed. To fight with * * ideal, to control the perceptual rational, to get rid of the entanglement with wisdom, with the responsibility to discipline love, the better sex for marriage to health for the beauty of their own. At present, according to a survey: six or seven junior middle school students in Chengdu have friends of the opposite sex, high school students about 1/2 people have friends of the opposite sex or had sexual experience, face the fact that our family education, school education, social education should be how to reflect?

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