A network of 2016 exhibitors of Xi’an Expo site highlights

Content abstract: in the early hours of the morning, world of Warcraft movie release, a lot of fans to see the premiere. A group of friends sun photos on the Internet, said in Fuzhou Taijiang Wanda studios to shoot a man with a doll to see the film. The reporter saw drying out the photos from the users, a tall man in a wheelchair car, the car sat a doll, doll wearing fashionable clothes, wearing a hat, is a beautiful girl”. On the other photo, the doll is sitting on the couch in the cinema “. Some witnesses said, when a lot of people are taking pictures, the man did not exclude. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the Wanda studios staff. Staff confirmed the matter, the customer has bought a ticket to the doll, this is the freedom of the customer.” Reporters noted that yesterday’s scene caused a lot of users concerned. Some netizens said that the inflatable doll sitting in the theater watching movies, looks very scary, affecting other people’s views. Some netizens said, this doll at home is good, to the public, unsightly. However, there are friends said, this is the freedom of others, everyone has their own preferences, not because they do not understand and criticize others. Src= http://n.sinaimg.cn/news/transform/20160609/W_Gz-fxszkzy5012374.jpg “><img" border= "0" src= "http://n.sinaimg.cn/news/transform/20160609/k8mT-fxszmaa1780959.jpg" border= "" <img "0"

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