Adult store “Aphrodisiac” be criminally liable

Abstract: adult stores sell “Aphrodisiac” be criminally liable. the reporter learned from the East Procuratorate, more than Adult supplies shop owner in Dongcheng District or sales staff due to illegal sales of health care products – three “Aphrodisiac”, be held criminally responsible. In April this year, Lee Jiaodaokou in their business Adult supplies store, selling health products called “wolf” to the victim to the price of 60 yuan per box, was arrested by public security organs. According to Lee confessed, about October last year, someone came to his shop, recommend a “wolf No.” aphrodisiac”. The two sides traded at 8 yuan a box. In another case, a shopkeeper runs an adult store in the north side of the street and sells a health food called “American Viagra” to Mr. Yang at a price of $120 a box. After searching its shop, the Public Security Bureau found ten kinds of “three noes” aphrodisiac”. In June 12th this year, the victim Wu from Dongcheng District alley alley, an adult goods store to 30 yuan price to buy “Tibetan whip king” health food, the owner said that the drug has a good “Aphrodisiac” effect. Wu bought a meal after going home, the result “less than 20 minutes, I feel the heartbeat, itching, dizziness, nausea.””. After Wu alarm, the public security organs arrested the suspect fang. In charge of the case, Sun Yuming Zhang Jinze two prosecutors, the case suspects are aware of the so-called “Aphrodisiac” is the “three noes” products, so not on the table to sell, a customer asked dare out. The five cases are currently handled, no matter what the “three aphrodisiac” and the purchase price are in more than ten yuan, but the price is in the tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan. For example, the so-called “America * * Viagra sales price is 120 yuan, the purchase price is only 20 yuan. More than a suspect confessed that the “three noes aphrodisiac” sources are anonymous home sales. Owner of these so-called “Aphrodisiac” source, composition and side effects are not asked, only the price and marketing people bargain, both sides do not leave a fixed contact. In the above-mentioned “three noes impotence drug” in the detection process, were detected in the national ban on the addition of sildenafil in health care products. At present, several adult goods store owners are accused of selling poisonous and harmful food products. In accordance with the provisions of the criminal law, committing this crime will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years Sex Whip Adult Toy -Leopard Faux Leather Flogger Fetish S

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