Adult vending machines close to the school cited parental concerns

Abstract: it is a Adult supplies the vending shop between nine and experimental high school, the children back and forth in front of the store to go to school, bad influence ah!” Lee, a student in Dezhou, parents call the hotline to worry about. recently saw some vending shop in the city always, these self-service stores do not sell food, but the sale of Adult supplies. These adult supplies vending machines, in addition to condoms, there are some sex toys, sexy underwear, etc. are listed in the sale. “It is a Adult supplies the vending shop between nine and experimental high school, the children back and forth in front of the store to go to school, bad influence ah!” Nine of the parents of the students call Ms. Lee said the hotline. Near the school a special “vending shop store vending machine only sell Adult supplies, students curious into 12 in the afternoon, the reporter saw a large” vending shop “in the 38 pharmaceutical factory of west door, entered the shop and found the room space is very narrow, in addition to placing a the vending machine, and no other items. The vending machine on the goods in order, the reporter found that the vending machine only sell Adult supplies, in addition to condoms, there are some vivid sex toys are among them, because the machine is not selective for any sales, buyers, as long as the coin to choose to buy goods, you can. According to the nearby shops staff, the store is not open in recent months, they do not know what the store is selling at the beginning, go in to see is an adult. Suddenly opened a shop selling adult supplies, some students are very curious, I saw some students went in, but I did not know whether to buy or not.” Another nearby shop staff said. Some people worry that children affected, some people worry that the problem of the German city food and Drug Administration commodity quality: at present there is no a vending Adult supplies store to record the interview, many parents like Ms. Lee worried, afraid of their children early exposure to Adult supplies. “The children are minors, the shop is so close to the school is not appropriate?” One parent said. The parents also said that Adult supplies is for adults, minors in so many schools to open this store location is not to be big? In addition, some parents believe that, because in the store can not see the relevant product qualification certificate, so no vending machine in the quality of goods, whether it meets the safety and health standards are questions. 12 afternoon, the reporter with the German city food and drug administration made contact, the staff said, according to the implementation of the new medical devices regulations, sell Adult supplies store vending machine items need to be in the record office. Up to now, there is no one to sell the store to shop for adult records. “Tomorrow we will send staff to the shop to investigate.” Subsequently, the reporter also made contact with the German city of industry and Commerce Bureau, the bureau sent staff to the shop that day to investigate the sale of this shop. “If you do not have a business license on business, we can operate in accordance with the business license!” The deadline to reporters, the business sector is not the results of the survey to reply. Lawyer: I hope to introduce more specific regulations, purify the school peripheral environment reporter interviewed on the matter Shandong Zhan Lu lawyer Cui Yucheng, lawyer Cui said, if you can Adult supplies sales to minors, and there is no clear legal provisions. Cui lawyers believe that, even if the law does not explicitly limit the sale of adult products to minors businesses, businesses such acts should be condemned morally. “I think now more and more on the market for the vending Adult supplies store, our local government should introduce some rules, such as increasing the purchase threshold and should not let such a marked storefront in schools around the offering.” Cui lawyer said.

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