Battle of the infinite passion ignited 2016 Russian adult Exhibition

Editor’s note: the Spring Festival is bustling past, do you still remember the year-end bonus last year is what? Prizes and bonuses was satisfactory as soon as possible to it as a “wonderful but as trassient as a fleeting cloud, receive the year-end bonus” Comrades I am afraid to take this thing forever engraved in the heart…… For example, your end of the year award is a box of condoms, then it is not every year after the condom will think of their own year-end awards? I do not know whether it can be said that personal sorrow and joy, joy or sorrow. The Spring Festival is over, but last year’s year-end awards are still being discussed from time to time. What is your company’s year-end benefits? I would like to say that there is a company’s year-end benefits are condoms, do you believe it?

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