Behind the “double 11” 120 billion 700 million transactions: the electricity supplier will change

Editor’s note: every year is a double eleven shopping Carnival event, this year’s double eleven more so, Ali is not only Jingdong and Suning also took the opportunity to harvest their strong attack, a very considerable income. So, this form of electricity suppliers, whether good or not? The answer, of course, is yes. Previously, people believe that the emergence of electricity monopoly of the real economy, but in fact, there is no mandatory provisions of the physical stores can not be involved in the electricity business, in the final analysis, is that they did not keep up with the times. And with the popularity of the Internet and smart phones, online shopping and sales have been more and more people’s recognition, many businesses are actively involved in the business, online and offline double profit, the effect is self-evident. At present, the whole China still belongs to the field of electricity supplier is relatively slow, so there is a great gap in the market, as is the rapid development of the adult industry, with the advantages of electricity providers, we have reason to believe that this industry will certainly be able to get the explosive growth. Eleven, once again become the focus of global concern, however, in an interview with CCTV Financial Ma, still firmly predicted: “Chinese to change electricity supplier!” , so the electricity business day after all how to change it?

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