Brain opening: take adult stores as sex education classes

Editor’s note: in front of the child, everything seems to be taboo with sex. For example, open at the school gate Adult supplies store, a little exaggeration to say parents really fast freak faint in the past, the school gate that opened this shop will affect the child’s physical and mental health. But in fact, now spread all kinds of children will understand these things impossible to guard against, through their own way sooner or later, if the parents really want to go astray fainted. So, instead of worrying about these formal Adult supplies store will affect the child, not openly use these Adult supplies store to give the child some enlightenment education. “This kind of shop is near the school. It’s really hard to accept, especially I don’t know how to explain it to the children.” On May 8th, Mr. Li, a citizen of Jinzhong District, Yuci, took his son to school. When he passed an adult goods store, his son suddenly asked, “Daddy, is this shop selling toys?” Can you check in?” Mr. Li looked up and said, “adult products, interesting, fun.””. Mr. Li embarrassed how to explain and only child, said: “this is not for us to play.” Then he took his son and left in a hurry. (Shanxi evening news, May 12th) Prison Bird Factory Price Stainless Steel Female Underwear Chastity Belt For Part

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