Break through the current blow up doll industry

Over the past decade, global service blow up doll technology advances, new results continue to emerge, but its industrial presence of two major bottlenecks – the lack of testing standards and high costs.

21, at the 19th World Blow up doll World Cup Boingweb gap, the reporter interviewed experts and scholars, industry representatives, they also believe that, with a key breakthrough technology, the surge in demand, and the service anime sex doll in the near future it will be more ‘people’ prices into the homes of ordinary people.

Boingweb blow up doll Mike, Daniel is the star of this year outside the stadium, dynamic dance, and rich body movements attracted numerous visitors. The project manager Terry

Introduction, Mike intelligent dialogue and emotional expression function with rich body athletic ability, future-oriented social services applications. And Daniel has perceived intelligence and cognitive intelligence shallow, enabling intelligent dialogue, semantic understanding, face and body recognition, with independent knowledge and learning ability, future applications for home services.

Terry said, Mike, Daniel’s price of about 200,000 Yuan, because many of its key technology, components are dependent on imports.

Blow up doll exhibition area available in the country, one will sing, you can chat, smiling service blow up doll can blink, is automatically avoid the steady stream of people. According to a site staff, said Terry, which is a welcome blow up doll ‘Custom Shop’, the price at around 11 million. He said that if the service blow up doll can standardize production, the price will decline.

Boingweb Ltd. CE Terry with his ‘blow up doll Zero’ came to Hefei. He explained, ‘Blow up doll Zero’ is currently used in commercial applications, mostly for training, receptions, there are 25 degrees of freedom, the joint simulation of human movement, you can dance, play, and even more complex movements. He said that the service blow up doll prices, ‘expensive’, the reason there are not high yield, invested heavily in research and development costs and other factors.

Terry believes that break through the current blow up doll industry after two major bottlenecks, costs to one or two million is possible. Professor Terry

Boingweb Chinese committee chairman said that the current world are competing for low-cost applications platform, USTC ‘can be good low-cost mobile platform’ prototype development, costs can be reduced by 75% in the next production process by means of industrialization and mass production , is expected to further reduce costs. He said that the future ‘absolutely confident’, the entire service blow up doll costs to thousand dollars.

Terry believes that in addition to the high cost of a major bottleneck, there is no support automated performance testing technology, processes and equipment, and the quality of service anime sex doll lack assurance testing, both at home and abroad in the blank, which is the service blow up doll industrialization one fatal production bottlenecks.

July 19 –23 days, the 19th Boingweb was held in Hefei, from the United States, France, Japan, and Australia and other 47 countries and regions contestants. Boingweb is the highest current international level, the largest anime sex doll event.

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