Bubble technology such fun mall can be accepted by the market

Abstract: too many people will choose the label type to define Adult supplies stores, as long as people in this industry is equivalent to set foot on a dead end end. But is this really the case? Bubble technology gives the answer is not the same. henggu so far, boudoir honey things are always separated by a layer of gauze, whisper to one another have to wait to see if anyone was looking to listen quietly. Such a situation, the change of the times, or still tend to be conservative. In life, we are not difficult to find some fun Adult supplies store opened on the site are hidden in the deep alley, neon lights, with a charming and erotic, people passing by, do not accept the existence of. Actually, bubble technology founder Gong Rui gives a different answer, he has his “Internet interest” concept, is like a raging fire of others, did not say, conflict by users in the industry in the growth of. On the other hand, in view of the existing achievements, think the choice of sex toys industry Rui Gong is not a mediocre industry, what’s more, see the unique charm of this industry is repressed and interesting Internet games. In addition, it is also because of the degree of the bubble in the market’s booming capital concern, it is understood that the recent bubble will be completed billion B round of financing. The message “http://p3.pstatp.com/large/7f90007c40f318cd0b6 A, but let love bubble technology users to share the joy and the Gong Rui, also let Rui Gong strengthened his choice. When asked why the choice of Gong Rui development in this industry, Gong Rui said: “we are very close to sexual life, but the culture far, sex toys industry is a truly understand the industry, and I have to do, is the real charm with brand-new visual people at a right angle to understand the concept of health supplies industry.” Sex products industry, it is not the combination of vulgar sex, on the contrary, it is a combination of health and emotional exchange. And the interest of the bubble assistant is to provide a combination of sexual health and emotional communication. It is highly sought after and loved, because it is compared with the same industry products, its positioning is more favored by the market. 0″ perhaps some of the positioning of the bubble is not understood, someone will put forward such a problem, a vertical mall selling sex toys, low erotic layout can really be accepted by the market? lifelike US aircraft cup male 7 points vibration

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