Checklist for the right credit card – you should pay attention to this!

Whether in business or online: credit cards are an integral part of our lives today. Which credit card is the right one and how do the credit cards work? Anyone who has not yet owned a credit card or has not dealt intensively with the topic will quickly find that a credit card comparison can be confusing. At you can find out what to look for in order to find the right credit card for you.


The different types of credit cards

credit cards

When starting a credit card comparison, you should first consider the fact that there are different card variants. A distinction is made between “real” credit cards, prepaid credit cards and so-called debit credit cards.

  • The classic credit card:

A normal or “real” credit card grants the cardholder a loan. The amount of the credit limit is agreed individually and depending on the credit rating. It is characteristic of this type of credit card that the open balance is either repaid at the end of a billing period (usually monthly) or in installments. These can either be fixed rates or, for example, 5% of the total.

  • The prepaid credit card:

The principle of the prepaid credit card corresponds to that of the prepaid SIM card for the mobile phone. It is therefore not really a credit card. The card is topped up with a certain amount of credit in advance. Depending on the issuing bank, this can be done in different ways, but usually by transfer, deposit at the service terminal or by means of various Internet payment providers. You can then use it to pay almost anywhere or withdraw cash.

Attention: A major disadvantage of this card variant, which should be taken into account when comparing credit cards, is that many rental car companies and online travel portals do not accept them. Such prepaid credit cards are not tied to one person and therefore offer no collateral. Such companies often require a classic card with an available credit line, for example to block a rental car deposit.

  • The debit credit card:

This variant is also not a “classic” credit card. The debit principle is the same as for the current account in the current account. After paying with this card, the open amount is immediately deducted from your reference account. A proper credit line is not granted here. Attention: This type of credit card is sometimes not accepted by rental car companies, airlines, travel agencies, etc. However, the probability is significantly higher than with prepaid credit cards, since it is personal.


Basic advantages and disadvantages of a credit card

credit card

You have now got an overview of the different types of credit cards. The next step in credit card comparison: to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards.

A credit card offers its holder many options, such as car rental bookings (which are now difficult to do without a credit card), participation in bonus programs or financial flexibility. These are undisputed clear advantages. However, it should also be borne in mind that under certain circumstances you can quickly lose track of your expenses. This risk can be avoided with a prepaid or debit credit card, but at the disadvantages already mentioned.


Many banks – different services. A credit card comparison is worth it!

credit card comparison is worth it!

The last step in credit card comparison: VISA, Mastercard or American Express? House bank or direct bank? You won’t be able to avoid these decisions during your credit card comparison. The question of whether you prefer a VISA card or a Mastercard, for example, is of secondary importance. In terms of (worldwide) acceptance, they don’t take much, the decision should be made much more dependent on the offer of the issuing institute.

For the right credit card, you should therefore prioritize the following question: Which additional services make sense for you?

If you are often traveling, we recommend a card that includes travel insurance, allows you to withdraw cash free of charge / pay for free with the card or to credit you with miles when you shop.

If you are interested in participating in a bonus program from a particular company, it is best to choose a card that offers this. Many companies now offer credit cards in cooperation with banks, which automatically collect bonus points in the corresponding program when payments are made. For people who travel a lot by car, a card with fuel discounts or refunds on petrol station payments can be worthwhile.

As with all banking transactions, do not forget to pay attention to the costs involved. You should also pay attention to the amount of interest. If you make an intensive comparison for the right credit card, you will find that the annual fees for the cards fluctuate greatly, from free to several hundred dollars.

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