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Abstract: in order to make the business prosperous, the owner of adult supplies shop built a QQ group, use the nearby people function to pull members, upload pornographic pictures and videos, expect them to open the room to buy his goods. 0″In order to make the business booming, the owner of the adult goods store, Qian built a QQ group, using the nearby people to pull members, upload pornographic pictures, video, expect them to open the room to buy his goods. Never think, crazy “pull” money will be a policeman close within the group, after the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked punished accordingly has some money. 0″In mid July 2014, the Qingyun Public Security Bureau police Hu Qiang (a pseudonym) for a long time without landing on the line QQ, found himself did not know when being pulled into a called “Qingyun night” QQ group, Hu found that the QQ group members has reached 948 people, thousands of people to chat, group members are not part of there was some foul single * * gay open house information. The group file since 2013 since April more than 60 video upload has been downloaded more than 48100 times, not only relates to some gay porn video dirty * *. 0″Hu Qiang (a pseudonym) aware of the seriousness of the problem, immediately reported to the higher authorities. Police immediately launched investigation and evidence collection work, in July 27th, will set up the group of suspects arrested Qian, and in mid August arrested 4 administrators Xu, Hai, Liu, zhang.After investigation, the 22 year old “host” some money to open a Adult supplies store, but a difference of a good business. “How can we increase our popularity and make our business prosperous?”” At the end of May 2013, the money created a QQ group, using “near function” to members, at first just upload some pictures, with the QQ group members continue to increase, some money to increase the popularity of the upload some obscene pornographic video * *.”I don’t know the vast majority of the people in the group. They just pull in through the neighborhood or the administrators and the network. I just want to do business.”.” When the police told Qian Mou has been suspected of committing a crime, he said he sent these pictures and no malice.At present, Qian has received relevant punishment. Police remind users, people should consciously resist the temptation to foul pornographic information, but not the spread of illegal information.It is understood that the law to crack down on the production and spread of * * filthy pornographic information behavior using the Internet, Qingyun police launched a crackdown on online pornography from * * pornography – net net 2014 special action. As of now, Qingyun police cracked the use of the Internet to disseminate pornography * * filthy 35 cases, arrested more than 40 suspects, including 6 cases of criminal prosecution, 1.

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