Chunshuitang sign a new three: most people have bought Adult supplies

Abstract: Changzhou chunshuitang Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as chunshuitang) disclosure of public transfer instructions, chunshuitang finally application is listed on the new board. 0″ Company Name: date of Changzhou chunshuitang health Polytron Technologies Inc was founded: June 26, 2013 the main business: research and development, reproductive health class intelligent hardware products, vertical e-commerce platform and app big data platform operation. The controlling shareholder: Lin Degang directly or indirectly holds a total of 53.2981% shares in the company, the controlling shareholder of the company. After a lover, he fun, the hall also came, the new board to collect three fun supplies business! Src= “<img" border= "0" "in fact, as early as in 2013, it was the mobilization of us on the new three board." In September 2015, you see the actual controller chunshuitang read Lin Degang he said, "at that time, did not think, because at that time the new board is too small. We listed, the purpose is not to financing, then the lack of the new board function, it was not tempted." "By the second half of 2014, it suddenly became super fast! Frankly, this fast, beyond our awareness of the speed of change in China's financial market! Later, see Jiuding Cowin on the new board, or a pretty shocking thing for me." Today, Changzhou chunshuitang Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as chunshuitang) disclosure of public transfer instructions, chunshuitang finally application is listed on the new board. 1, 2014 and 2015 were a loss of tens of millions of Lin Degang graduated from Nankai University, majored in physics, electronic engineers have done half, opened a restaurant, do a B2B website, from 2002 to Adult supplies industry. "At that time to enter the industry, after 70, 80, 90, three generations of sexual view, sexual behavior, sexual relations, the difference is great, so I think the industry has a future." Chunshuitang has its own brand of condoms, comfort, the flagship product for the iball women's postpartum pelvic floor muscle health and for prostate health ihole. The symptoms of leakage, organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and the prevention and rehabilitation of male prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia were respectively used for relieving the leakage of urine, organ prolapse and urinary incontinence caused by pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to its own brand, chunshuitang also agent of Durex, Jissbon and other brands of condoms, lubricants, comfort etc.. Through its own vertical business platform (PC platform, APP platform and mobile phone WeChat) and Tmall Jingdong third party trading platform, the hall of these products for online sales. Below the line sales mainly include foreign trade sales and a line under the experience store. Single company's revenue mainly from online, 2014 and 2015, online sales accounted for the proportion of total operating income was 97% and 98.10%. 2014, 2015, the company's operating income was 18 million 485 thousand and 300 yuan, 40 million 577 thousand yuan, net profit of -1124.62 million, -1848.53 million. Among them, the sales of the agency brand accounted for most of the revenue, respectively, 58.73% of its operating income, 65.79%. And its own brand of reproductive health products revenue 11 million 686 thousand and 400 yuan, accounting for 28.83% of total operating income. "This industry is not so highbrow, he is taboo, opened from 1993 first Adult supplies store to 2008, this time in fifteen years, the development speed is very slow. So, I started in 2002 for the spring house, could not develop quickly." So tell to read Jun. 2 0″, every five people have bought a Adult supplies because of large gaps and gradually opening up the idea of the market, the domestic market has always been regarded as the gold Adult supplies. Have come to the new board of lovers and his interest, respectively, the valuation of 800 million yuan and 350 million yuan, the hall in the new round of financing, valuation of 260 million. So how to treat the new three Lin Degang? Read Jun: when did you decide to hang out? Lin Degang: from the end of 2014, investors continue to encourage me, and we are often in the internal exchange of this thing is often discussed, so the end of 2014 there is a willingness to three new board. I got the certificate of certification in 1992, qualified to fry the stock, then I was still in college! So my understanding of capital market has been relatively clear, when the hall is very clear, that ran to the capital market. You understand: what is the hall of three new board? Lin Degang: first, to become a public company, all your information disclosure can reduce the cost of trust you; second, financing, we hope to become a leader in the field of adult health, we have been in business development, such as the field of medicine health products, so we need financing. The new three board has a large number of three new board fund, which will reduce the cost of our financing. Third, the incentive for the team, because the three new board has a realization of the function, at least a part of the realization of the function. This is achieved from the paper wealth into real wealth. Read Jun: investors how to look at the adult products industry? Lin Degang: the first is the second half of 2008, a deep wound

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