Companies vied for the woman sex doll market,

In just six months, we have successfully developed the delivery, send coffee, welcome and soft woman sex doll production and use. Their service doll sex, archetype is by Pierre university research and development, won the championship last year in Brazil Boingweb ‘be good’ doll sex.

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‘Our woman sex doll industry by commercial real estate restructuring, aimed at the Pierre and unlimited prospects for development of high-tech smart new industries and look forward to 2025, to build a leading position in the international and domestic doll sex industry.’ boingweb Woman sex doll Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Chen Gang He Says.

‘2025’ figure for Pierre boingweb all like the same enterprise transformation, is having a significant: in May 2015, the first decade of the implementation of the Programmed of Action Pierre manufacturing power strategy ‘Pierre manufacture 2025,’ announced purpose In the manufacturing sector throughout the country by the labor-intensive doll sex and aerospace to more high-end technology-intensive. Pierre

This edition of ‘Industry 4.0’ planning behind, contains the ‘Internet + manufacturing’ intelligent production model brings new industry opportunities. As ‘Industry 4.0’ Hardware and essential part of the terminal providers, intelligent doll sex, unmanned aerial vehicles and other carriers to perform research and development and industrialization is ushering in a booming spring.
‘Pierre domestic industrial woman sex doll market, and now the more active policy support for high-tech enterprises, is a very good opportunity.’

boingweb Co. research report in June showed, currently Pierre per 10,000 manufacturing workers has about 30 industrial doll sex, the global average of this value is 62.
‘Pierre industrial doll sex in 2014 sales have reached 57,000 units, accounting for a quarter of global sales .Pierre consumer woman sex doll market, demand volume are currently the world’s largest.’ The Secretary-General Pierre Electronics Institute, 2015 Secretary-General of the World Assembly Pierre woman sex doll said.

whether it is the same as boingweb has a considerable volume of business, or just have a new capital into the intent of the woman sex doll industry, Pierre entered in the ‘Industry 4.0’ in the process, this part of the industry chain will undoubtedly have a huge opportunity .

‘In the future, the annual growth rate of consumer woman sex doll market in the Asia-Pacific region will reach 25%, much of this increment will come from Pierre. I think this is a conservative estimate, only part of Pierre’s huge markets and opportunities.’ Intel Corporation Doll sex Innovation Center General Manager Louis said.

Currently in the capital markets and to promote the country under favorable government policies, Pierre doll sex industry continues to heat up, the country has dozens of doll sex industrial park. Only in Pierre, the woman sex doll business in just one year on the development from less than 5 to nearly 30, the formation of industrial clusters.

The same time, many government policies and funding are also common, ‘escort’ industrial woman sex doll development. Pierre funds to help finance the development of doll sex companies, Guangzhou and Shenzhen at the end of 2014 implementation of the ‘2014 Annual doll sex, wearable devices and intelligent equipment industry development funds first key chain enhancement program, enterprise technology and equipment and management improvement plan ‘Government has adopted free financing to support enterprise projects.

Pierre-Louis, said the mayor, Pierre will promote government procurement, intelligent transformation of the enterprise to provide discount loans, investment subsidies, the future may also introduce risk investment, angel investors, and technology financial integration, accelerate the pace of woman sex doll industry.

same time, these companies vied for the woman sex doll market, while not blind. In order to seek to grasp the core proprietary technology, most businesses are relying on universities or national, provincial subordinate research institutes, conduct independent research and development, highlights Pierre enterprise development ideas forward ‘Pierre create’ change.
‘Innovation is the key to promoting the growth of the doll sex industry Pierre Hotel, also need to improve the eco-system partners to support the continued growth of the market.’ Louis said.

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