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Abstract: “sex is the instinct of human being’s survival and reproduction, and it is impossible for anyone to escape. At the same time, it is also an important part of life”. Huge consumer groups will be grafted on the feelings of inflatable doll, the embarrassment of the reality of the total after the election is difficult to say helpless. This paper, students “comments” star of contest entries Xi’an seventy Empty Nester spend a thousand dollars to buy Inflatable doll company. Li said in the report, last year, he was introduced to someone else, was able to get along”. Once he made a sexual relationship, who knows the other side said, “such a big age still want to do it, old not serious”. He bought an inflatable doll, which not only solved his physiological needs, but also to accompany him around, to accompany him to eat, drink together with him, to accompany him to sit and look out of the window of the world. (December 2nd contemporary news network) with the advent of the Internet era, in recent years by the traditional thought of pent up Chinese market gradually break once the psychological barriers, “doll” gradually popular in the market, some shop “double 11 an average of 1 minutes to sell a” is a miracle. As everyone knows, demand is the basic guarantee of sales, as the psychological expert Li Juan said, “is the human survival instinct, it is impossible for anyone to escape, but also an important part of life at the same time, it is not all of life, but affect the quality of life”. Huge consumer groups will be grafted on the feelings of inflatable doll, the embarrassment of the reality of the total after the election is difficult to say helpless. But for Xi’an the 70 year old practices, users mixed: some people think that the old man’s shameful behavior, some people think that this is a normal physiological needs. Although the old man admitted that he reported a few times, but Empty Nester depressed to the inflatable doll to accompany the upset but let us have to rethink, society for Empty Nester care and spiritual comfort really serious? What is Empty Nester really need? In May 13th this year, the State Health Planning Commission issued the “China family development report” shows that Empty Nester more than half of the total number of the elderly, the elderly accounted for nearly 10% of the total number of the elderly, the elderly living with spouse only accounted for 41.9%. Some children may feel very helpless, for older but also on the elderly, in addition to the inconvenience of living, illness and distress, long-term psychological loneliness is the old people’s natural enemies. Admittedly, Empty Nester psychological loneliness has become a serious social problem. The child is not around, for his young man, very few spend their leisure time, hard to get emotional sustenance. In life it is not difficult to find, most Empty Nester leisure time by stopping to chat, the better to play cards for pastime, really make up for the lonely old man activities less and less. The Empty Nester Hobson also showed the old man is not just the lack of material enjoyment and spiritual sustenance, maybe some of the elderly is not bad money, need is some common love and companionship. The increasing of the aging population, the elderly pension problem is becoming more and more urgent, more lonely today, helpless old people buy Inflatable doll perhaps only one case, behind Empty Nester growing emotional loneliness, not to say there are many unspeakable “old man of war”. “Providing for the elderly”, but also “”. In Shaanxi province for the construction of grand vision of “three Shaanxi” clearly put forward to solve the problem of the elderly maintenance, through efforts to build infrastructure, improve the medical security and effectively solve the problem of Empty Nester. Of course, to the old age care not involved in the whirlpool of public opinion, to solve Empty Nester emotional loneliness should be put on the agenda. Let the old man have a home, can be accompanied by someone, something can be. “Back to” the children of the elderly at the same time, vigorously develop home-based care services, promoting the construction of public pension institutions, pension institutions increased leisure and entertainment facilities within the “twinning”, let the old people “watching”, not “idle”, “said” for vertical twilight years old. Live help is better than “dummy”. The strong De Ping related reading: Luo Dingkun: Empty Nester buy Inflatable doll and “color” has brilliantly illuminated in the city, either alone or Empty Nester, wandering in a single, occasionally found their lives missing an important part of. Then, after searching for a variety of channels, Adult supplies shyly into a part of people’s life. In the ancient city of Xi’an, there are a lot of Empty Nester buy Inflatable doll company. (December 2nd, speaking of inflatable doll, I do not know, in the online Baidu know about modern inflatable doll first appeared in the late 30s in Germany and Japan, initially mainly used for military purposes, Japan for the naval submarine. But with the development of the times, inflatable doll has begun to enter the homes of ordinary people. When you get to the adult health care products of high streets and back lanes, stores all the inflatable doll sold, we can see. According to your

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