Condom flying – Jissbon open space marketing program

Editor’s note: space for the vast majority of people in this world, are mysterious, but also full of curiosity. Many people want to travel in space, even if it is an adventure, but also feel the interest. However, the space is really not you want to go to the ah, so in addition to the astronauts, the ordinary people can only look up to the. But one thing happened recently told us that many people want to go to the space can’t go, but this is only going to heaven…… In September 22nd, Juhuasuan joint Chinese Rocket Technology Research Institute, China Aerospace Museum, jointly opened the “odd poly space” programme, Jissbon became one of the first partners will jointly explore shedding materials including rocket customization, Internet data and Aerospace Science and technology through science and technology innovation project, around IP to create new ways to open the space industry a series of brain hole. Silicone Flashlight Masturbation Cup

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