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Every day is filled with new and exciting experiences. The world has become much more complete than before and the possibilities seem almost endless. No matter whether it is the new smartphone, a three-day short vacation or a new car that we dream of. However, we often feel that these goals are so far in the future that it can be difficult to see exactly how to get there.

The experts suggest that we switch off our devices at the socket, take a shorter shower, save on plastic bottles and eat the leftovers from yesterday. However, these small savings usually take a long time and the yield appears to be almost minimal. But if you belong to this group, there is good news. Statistically, it turned out that transportation and living are the most efficient places to save money.


There are many costs for transportation


It’s expensive vehicle taxes, high petrol costs, especially for an older vehicle, maintenance costs, parking fees and possibly also buses or repairs. The list seems endless and spending is increasing. But what is the alternative? Let’s come back to the new green movement, there is a situation here where you can win twice. However, we do not think of public transport here, as the frequent delays and cancellations do not make this a reliable option.

Replace your vehicle with a brisk scooter (or scooter, depending on how the vehicle is called), an e-bike or simply a new bike. Or buy a modern Vespa or a fast city bike instead of an expensive car. You benefit twice by saving costs on the one hand and protecting the environment on the other. In addition, you are in the fresh air, stay fit and contribute to your good health.


Scooter or bike as an investment in your future

Scooter or bike as an investment in your future

As I said, we are living in a new age where it has become modern to be minimalistic and to find ways where others see obstacles in order to shape their daily life in an alternative way. This has contributed to the fact that two-wheelers have become modern and trendy and a new sub-culture of two-wheeled transport has emerged. There are many models of scooters or bicycles that are very popular and are also used. E-bikes are very practical and functional for young and old. The peak of demand for e-bikes has not yet been reached and used bikes are selling very well as a cheap alternative. Therefore, it is much better these days to invest in a 2 wheel like a bike or a scooter.


Old or new – which e-bike or scooter is worth it?

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You can search for a used or a new scooter, bike or e-bike. Usually you can count yourself lucky to find a good offer, because the demand is very high.

Make sure to find a bike that is as light as possible and at the same time as solidly built as possible to ensure both reliable transport and functioning transport. To make a bike tour as comfortable and convenient as possible, you can also invest in an electric bike or a scooter. Mostly around 1,000 dollars are sufficient for such a vehicle. For you, this means a significant increase in comfort and mobility. This significantly reduces your future expenses compared to a car, and you can still travel long distances and long distances with a scooter. Despite all prejudices and generalizations, scooters and mopeds will always be one of the most popular means of transportation for financially conscious people.

However, it can be difficult to determine exactly which types of loans are best for your financial situation, as it can be difficult to get an overview of the many loan offers.


Choose the right loan for your financial situation

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Loans have changed today and are now much more flexible and easier to take out. You don’t necessarily risk high fees and interest. You can set the monthly repayment rate to match your financial situation, with the option of repaying the loan all at once when you are ready.

So if you take out a loan of 1,000 dollars, the loan can be repaid with monthly payments within a few months. Since you can save several hundred dollars per month and your bike / e-bike / scooter is still very valuable after purchase, you will practically not lose any money if you take out a loan for a bike or a scooter. In the best case, you can even make a monthly profit. For this reason, it is more worthwhile in everyday life than ever to take out a loan than before.

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