Daqing adult supplies market “chaos” peddling contraband products (map)

Abstract: remind the public, especially young women, that they should be vigilant when dining with strangers or drinking drinks on strange occasions. Leave in the middle of the empty cup, the best drink drinks. a shopkeeper recommended to reporters * * Heilongjiang network radio and television news on the 8 day, the reporter visited a number of Daqing city Adult supplies stores found that some unscrupulous operators for profiteering, openly sell “three noes” of women’s health care products, * * products etc.. The drug sold openly for 8 days, and the reporter went to an adult goods store on latitude eight. When the reporter entered the room, the boss asked the reporter what he wanted. The reporter said he needed some “stimulating” special effects. After listening to the boss, from under the bed out a small box, which contains a “golden fly” liquid medicine. The boss told reporters, “this syrup, each 5ml, sold 25 yuan, colorless and tasteless, is specifically for women to use * *.”. When in use, take it directly into the beverage and make sure it is absolutely effective”. Reporters carefully observed the syrup, found that the box printed in Chinese “golden fly” liquid words, and the rest of the instructions are all in english. Open the package. The date of manufacture of the drug is not indicated on the instruction and no instructions are made on the ingredients. All kinds of flowers in the eye “Viagra” Liu Jie “baccarat” health food store, the boss gave reporters to come up with a different color with a small pill bottle, told reporters that “Viagra”, the price of 50 yuan to 100 yuan. Reporters want to see the instructions and external packaging of drugs, the boss immediately impatiently said: “you do not buy, do not buy, do not look at.”.” See reporters doubts about tablets, the boss said: “I this drug, with the doctor in the hospital does not make any difference.”. They sell 128 yuan a grain, I just sell 50 yuan a grain. If you go to a regular hospital, you need a doctor’s prescription, and I don’t need it here either. Besides, you don’t have to compete with packaging. I sell them to repeat customers. As for the attention after taking, I also said not too clear.” The reporter asked the boss how it proved to be genuine viagra”. The boss said, “how can you prove it?”! Don’t you think it’s written ‘USA’ on it? That’s what America means. Viagra is produced in the United states.” After leaving this shop, the reporter also visited a number of adult supplies shop successively. Reporters found that the city’s health care products market “Viagra” there are a variety of colors and shapes, commonly blue and red, mostly naked in bulk in small boxes. The vast majority of sellers can not provide drug instructions, production or purchase channels, so that people are difficult to distinguish between genuine and false. Adult appliances, more than “three noes” products, in addition to the sale of “three noes” sexual health care drugs, some shops selling simulation tools are also the same “what, what does not?””. In a shop on the street, put a large number of simulation tools. Most of the simulation packages are very rough, and some boxes have gotten a lot of dust. In addition, the origin, manufacturers, instructions and other information is not clear, but also the product certification mark. The price of these items ranges from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in this shop. Reporters found through visits, in the face of a wide variety of adult supplies, most customers are difficult to distinguish between the quality of products. How to face customers, businesses will strongly boast of drugs or appliances the effectiveness of magic, but the product use method and matters needing attention are more vague, the seller will deliberately avoid sales of “three noes” product facts. Related links unfamiliar occasions to drink, should be vigilant in recent years, many public security cases, there are “* * drug” figure. By looking at the data, the drugs usually work within 15 to 30 minutes. In the early stages of the drug, the victim may become dizzy, weak in limbs, and gradually lose consciousness. If a similar physical discomfort occurs, the victim can use this time difference to call an alarm call or ask for help from a nearby person. Remind the public, especially young women, to remain vigilant when dining with strangers or drinking drinks on strange occasions. Leave in the middle of the empty cup, the best drink drinks.

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