Those years of shoddy fake: even condoms are false

Those years of shoddy fake: even condoms are false

Editor’s note: yesterday was the 3.15 annual holiday, a lot of formal enterprises in this day actually started promotional activities, a lively festive weather. In contrast, it is those unqualified products of the enterprise, in front of 3.15 severe, usually even hide well, this day is also nowhere to hide. Over the years, the 3.15 broke the fake or substandard products are numerous, perhaps there will be a screen before you buy, look at the results of the calendar year”. beauty messenger insert more cool shade more realistic interacti

Nearly half of imported condoms failed, 60 thousand were ordered to recall

Editor’s note: no exaggeration to say that Chinese people have to “sink” stage of imported products, no matter what the situation is, they blindly pursue “foreign goods”, and blindly believe that imports is better than those made in china. Indeed, over the years some domestic food supplies really consumers left a very bad effect, but with the progress of science and regulatory departments to increase inspection efforts, not only domestic goods were not so unbearable, also produced many high-quality companies. On the other hand, imported goods, condoms, for example, may not be as safe as you think”. Guangdong inspection and Quarantine Bureau on 7 2016 Bureau of external communications of the catalogue of import and export commodities inspection supervision, total imports of 951 batches, 203 batches of substandard detection, the unqualified rate of 21.35%; the sampling pass rate of 46% imported condoms. 60 thousand originated in Malaysia, Japan’s well-known brand defects condoms were ordered to implement the recall and shipped out of the country. Guangdong inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the majority of consumers, to rational purchase, do not blindly superstition imported products.

Too can play! In the world there are inflatable doll brothels!

Too can play! In the world there are inflatable doll brothels!

Editor’s note: it is said that there is a dream of the brothel are the majority of men’s minds, after all those ancient many talented and romantic scholar in the brothel was inspired…… It is a pity that, in modern society, such a place is illegal! Method! The! So men can only dream while sleeping. However, the human wisdom is infinite, since there are inflatable dolls, some businesses are constantly developing new ways, now inflatable doll brothel officially opened! I believe that many of the yearning for this paradise on earth, the man was found on the right to do it. Spain’s Barcelona, a city full of fantasy and passion. In Spain, a company based on the local special customs, recently, even opened an inflatable doll sex hotel. 18 years old Japanese love dolls full silicone

Sex education for minors: not too early, too late

Editor’s note: humans are natural curiosity of nowadays, we have been very difficult to completely stop the exploration of children, they can learn how to explore what, finally, how to practice it is every teacher and parents are able to intervene and must intervene. If teachers and parents are absent, it will be impossible to guard against bad information, let the children have finally get in by every opening, a wrong idea. Interests: I graduated from a graduate education in the end of 985, the eastern mountain area for two years, conducted on sex education in primary school to try. Fashion Long Straight White Blonde Resistant Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig Glueless

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Editor’s note: fun as a relatively special industry, compared to other industries, the market competition is not so intense interest. Moreover, the operation of the fun supplies are not affected by the region, there is no light season, a wide audience, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the degree of openness, the market demand will be more robust. In particular, from last year’s consumer report we can see that only a condom can get a very substantial product revenue. Fun is a cross-border electricity supplier under the explosion point?

Valentine’s Day: Fun Hotel Room hard to find, condoms and looting

Editor’s note: after Valentine’s day, all aspects of consumer data has been reported. Hotel rooms were full is already expected to do, but to see the real hard to find a room situation occurs, the heart still inevitably rose. In the hotel room full at the same time, some “hotel service life” fun supplies is amazing sales, sales Adult supplies businesses said that on Valentine’s day and a few days ago, the condom sales are very impressive. This year’s Valentine’s day comes on Tuesday, but it doesn’t diminish the fun of the couple. The morning of February 14th 9, found in the visited a number of hotels, businesses large promotional efforts this year, each area of the hotel is very popular, some popular theme fun hotel or even hard to find a room situation. Some supermarket staff said that in recent days, the sale of household goods is also much better than usual.

Let the shame of ultra-thin condoms things can be so sharp

Editor’s note: condoms as the highest utilization rate of household products, since the launch of the favored by the vast number of consumers. However, there are a lot of people (mainly male friends), condoms greatly reduced their sexual pleasure, always feel like wearing a raincoat bath, do not experience the real fun. If you often have this feeling, it shows: it is time for you to buy a slim condom. Condoms, also known as sets, condoms, condoms, wishful sets. It is in the form of non drug to prevent pregnancy, one of the simple way, but also to prevent gonorrhea, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Erotic Entrepreneur: the use of high-quality services leveraging investment returns

Editor’s note: at the beginning of this year, a report on the Chinese appeal consumer goods report outflow, shows the current situation of our country, Adult supplies industry to the majority of investors are so interested in this industry can be said to be more and more. With condoms and other birth control products as an example, with the improvement of people’s security awareness and education of knowledge, many government agencies have begun to vigorously promote the benefits of condom, with official support, makes Adult supplies enterprise future market more open. For those who do investment, not only to know the rich channels of access to information, the more important is the comprehensive processing of information collection system. Some time ago, inadvertently see a data in an authoritative website, a description of sex toys, including the description of the whole market, industry, and the future impact and so on, so I carefully read this message. So take the spice industry to talk about. The reason why so many people will be involved in the spice industry, the information obtained and contributed to this phenomenon must be composed of several aspects: New Women Ombre Grey

Location: Business Book sex shop location is the key

Editor’s note: for the management of the physical store friends, no matter what the industry is engaged in, choose an ideal store location is the basic premise of the successful operation of the store. However, not all investors fully understand the essence of shop location, to Adult supplies store as an example, is generally believed that the large flow of people downtown is not necessarily suitable for the operation of Adult supplies stores, because people downtown, not in front of consumers to buy sex toys work in just ways, therefore, some relatively subtle but easy to be but the shop location found ideal location. In order to help you want to open a fun shop and do not understand the industry’s friends, I have finished smoking more than half a pack of cigarettes, the next to be careful to explain the location of the store methods and tips.