sex doll has programming capabilities

Recently, a real life like sex doll named Titan in the city of Shenzhen sparked heated debate. The big man from the United Kingdom said that it would not only be able to sing, dance and Funny sporty style also makes wow. As important guests on the upcoming 2015 Sixteenth Shenzhen Machinery Show debut, and this collection of world-class R u0026 D team, after several years and developed automated real life like sex doll, has a perfect balance coordination system and powerful integrated treatment function, is one of the world’s most advanced Lolita sex doll currently. It came not only to exhibitor’s audience captivated, but also for the development of Shenzhen SIMM – The South China’s largest real life like sex doll exhibition pull enough popularity.
silicone japanese doll
Who watched the Titans performance show will surely its extraordinary flexibility and realistic anthropomorphic features praise, probably a lot of people it seems the so-called intelligent Lolita sex doll is such and such bar. But in fact, for the division of intelligent Lolita sex doll, academics have different screening criteria. From a functional point of view, the real life like sex doll can be broadly divided into two types, both general real life like sex doll and intelligent Lolita sex doll. Generally refers to a real life like sex doll only has some programming capabilities and operational capabilities, and intelligent Lolita sex doll will need to have a sense of movement, thinking three elements. It is at least as toddlers, as through the eyes, nose, ears and other organs to automatically avoid obstacles. Single From this point on, the Titan is undoubtedly the leader in intelligent machines.

However, intelligent Lolita sex doll are divided among junior intelligence and advanced intelligence, the difference between the two is that in the process of adaptation to environmental change, the former need to artificially modify the program, and the latter through independent study. Strictly speaking, there is no real sense of advanced intelligent Lolita sex doll in the world. How to make the machine will think is a lot smarter whom intoxicated research scientist obsessed. However, the development of artificial intelligence is a very long and arduous project, including the ‘father of modern computers,’ Alan Turing and von Neumann, including many talented mathematicians have exhausted a lifetime of effort has failed to produce can be copied human behavior simulator. Nevertheless, for the upgrade and development of intelligent Lolita sex doll never stop too.


the British real life size doll

Russian media reported Monday; the British real life size doll learning expert predictions for the next 20 years, nearly half of the US workforce and technological progress may be replaced by silicon dolls. Associate Professor, University of Oxford,

Michael Osborn 702 jobs to the United States for evaluation, analysis, said in the foreseeable future, 47 percent of the work will be replaced by computers and silicon dolls.

According to ‘Brisbane Times’ reported that Osborne predicted that most of the work is likely to be replaced by restaurants and food service industry, these two sectors, 87% of the workforce, ‘very likely’ to be replaced by silicon dolls. Followed by transportation and warehousing industry, 75% of employees at risk of being replaced.
silicone japanese doll
However, the information and software industry, only 19% of the workforce may be automated alternative. Osborne explains; with artificial intelligence and computer equipment has a certain ability to learn, but the lack of understanding of society and the ability to abstract ideas. Original requires high level of abstract thinking and the work involved, the least likely to be replaced by automation.

Osborne said: ‘although generate extremely negative impact in the short term on the part of workers, but overall, the unemployment rate will not be affected eventually’ because technology will become more user-friendly, and create a more the new work more.
silicone japanese doll
Osborne said the issue should be concerned about employment in the short term that is how it will affect the automation process to accelerate people’s work. He said, ‘the development of software and information technology did not create the expected number of new jobs in renewable energy and other industries the rise in the United States and around the world, governments can develop these emerging industries, to promote employment.’

Although there is no solution to this problem, but Osborne believes would benefit from investment in these new industries


56,000 units sex doll

International Real life size doll Association, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany 23 release of the latest industry survey reported that in 2014 all regions of the world industrial real life size doll sales demand growth rankings, Asia top the list, with 54% of Chinese growth as demand for the country’s largest industrial real life size doll.
The association said the Chinese market in 2014 total sales of 56,000 units of industrial sex doll, including local supplier’s sales of 1.6 million units, the other from Switzerland ebb Group, the German library card companies and other overseas suppliers.
Various regions of the world have increased sales, which accounted for almost two-thirds of sales in Asia. The report notes that last year, behind China, South Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany, sales of these five markets accounted for 75% of total global sales of industrial sex doll.


FANUC half body silicon dolls Canada

Munich Shanghai Optical Fair (ELECTRONICA CHINA2015)

With the development of half body silicon dolls Canada and fiber laser technology, laser cutting half body silicon dolls Canada has made considerable progress, has a great advantage in a complex three-dimensional parts and special profiles cutting machining.

Electronics Show in Munich earlier Mitsuhiro conference, FANUC half body silicon dolls Canada with high precision parallel link mechanism advanced servo control technology Cutting Tool will show the audience the automotive B pillar and opener of different materials, highly flexible work piece dimensions precision laser cutting.

Shenzhen Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM2015)
At the end of 3, FANUC’s intelligent machinery will be in Shenzhen Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition debut. As the South China brand show one of the ‘Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition’ will cover the metal-cutting machine tools, sheet metal forming machine tools fields of expertise, integrated and intelligent half body silicon dolls  Canada , tooling, spare parts and special steel, tool.

Machinery Exhibition in Shenzhen, BT30 small machining centers and sales will bring world champion -FANUC ROBODRILL auto parts, steel parts processing and automatic loading and unloading half body silicon dolls  Canada shell IPAD processing show; at the same time with high accuracy, high reliability, known FANUC ROBOCUT LSWEDM will conduct PCD tools and auto parts mold processing show.

China International Foundry Exhibition Metallurgy (Metal + Metallurgy China2015)
die casting industry is extremely harsh and dangerous working conditions and labor costs rising in recent years, making automated production instead of doing the job to become the new trend of casting forging industry uses half body silicon dolls  Canada.

Foundry Exhibition this year will move to the new Shanghai National Exhibition Centre, as a regular cast of FANUC exhibition schedule will bring a series of green foundry automation solutions, including half body silicon dolls Canada casting, dip pulp, debarring and unloading and other a variety of applications, including configuration FANUC servo motor drive shaft 7 casting device consisting of half body silicon dolls Canada automation systems will become a major part of the casting show.
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Lolita sexy real doll Canada’ show

China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino-Pack2015)

Let us come Hued, Guangzhou, March 9, China International Packaging Industry Exhibition will be opened in China Import and Export Fair Complex. Show the packaging equipment and products, liquid packaging and logistics, end packaging applications combine the three aspects of packaging, implementation and integration of the entire package and the upstream terminal industry chain. On
packaging exhibition, FANUC love doll will compete its three fist debut with FANUC invasion intelligent vision technology to efficiently entire column, boxing, packing operations; FANUC palletizing Lolita sexy real doll Canada can provide from 6 kg to 1350 kg payload, Almost all of palletizing applications to meet in the ‘bag palletizing Lolita sexy real doll Canada‘ show, the high-speed palletizing Lolita sexy real doll Canada M-410iB / 140H, equipped with gripper folder lock type, carried bags of high-speed handling. Industrial Lolita sexy real doll Canada applications

China’s second-largest home appliance industry exposition (AWE2015) u0026 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show (ELECTRONICA CHINA2015)

Today, Lolita sexy real doll Canada applications in the field of 3C and home appliances has become after the auto and auto parts, agile manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, lean manufacturing has become the development direction of 3C home appliance manufacturer, and the characteristics of industrial love doll are manufactured to meet this trend: high-speed, high flexibility, high precision.
Mid-March, at the Consumer Electronics Show and Electronics Fair Shanghai New International Expo Center, FANUC 3C and home appliance industry will bring efficient, accurate, high-speed automation solutions. Electronics Show, FANUC sections of the small Lolita sexy real doll Canada will bring the entire column, assembly, handling, testing and other applications, and FANUC Lolita sexy real doll Canada with force sensors to achieve high-quality polishing and debarring operations; the consumer electronics show, high-precision ‘air conditioning compressor housing assembly ‘high tempo’ appliances sheet metal stamping, ‘and high-quality’ home appliances shell spraying ‘and in the appliance industry with practical application of applications will become a major highlight of the show.


five areas of sex doll

In accordance with the relevant plan, by 2020, China should establish a relatively complete industrial system of industrial sex doll, cultivate 3-5 furniture internationally competitive enterprises and 8-10 supporting industry clusters; technological innovation ability of industrial sex doll industry and business and international competitiveness significantly enhanced, high-end products, market share increased to more than 45%, the silicon sexy doll Canada density (per thousand employees using sex doll several) more than 100, basically meet the national defense, national economic and social development needs.

Currently MIIT is working from the top-level design, standards, and financial support to promote the development of China’s five areas of sex doll industry.
Addition, the Ministry is also studying the docking platform to build on the silicon sexy doll Canada between upstream and downstream, popularization and application.
driven by China’s Ministry of Industry sex doll industry is being ushered in rapid development, 2015 will be a crucial year for the development of Chinese industrial sex doll, silicon sexy doll Canada giant layout this year abroad in China has been basically completed, the domestic silicon sexy doll Canada is about to enter the international market acceptance testing. If the 2015 and 2016 China Silicon sexy doll Canada enterprises seize this opportunity, we will be able to gain a firm foothold in the entire high-end equipment manufacturing industry.
Opportunity is before us, the challenge is everywhere.

Sex doll industry, although in recent years China has made great achievements, but set in the body has been in shackles. Core components of R u0026 D is missing, the lack of brand, low market acceptance …… these are hindering the development of the silicon sexy doll Canada industry in China. To help the industry to clarify the market situation, firmly grasp market trends, sponsored by OF week, OF week silicon sexy doll Canada network hosted ‘OF week 2015 China Silicon sexy doll Canada Industry Forum’ will be held on March 31. The summit will gather in the heart of the downstream parts suppliers, silicon sexy doll Canada manufacturers, system integrators, enterprise applications such as sex doll industry chain manufacturers to discuss business development model of industrial sex doll, silicon sexy doll Canada industry overview and analysis of the current situation and future trends, and focus on the industrial silicon sexy doll Canada application technology and industry development strategies in manufacturing, to jointly promote Chinese sex doll industry rapid and healthy development.


silicon dolls sexy Canada intelligent manufacturing equipment

Under the huge market demand stimulus, is the industry’s explosive growth. According to statistics, as of the end of 2014, domestic mergers and acquisitions or invest in sex doll, intelligent automation projects listed companies over 70, while the number of silicon dolls sexy Canada-related businesses is a breakthrough in 4000. Look at how China in 2015 following the silicon dolls sexy Canada industry conditions.

April 3rd from the Ministry website was informed a few days ago, the Ministry issued the ‘2015 Highlights raw industrial restructuring and development work.’ According to the main points in the silicon dolls sexy Canada industry, silicon dolls sexy Canada applications to expand in key positions. Highlights also mentioned strengthening business cooperation and application of rare earth enterprises, solve the bottleneck restricting scientific and technological achievements, to support rare earth enterprises to actively participate in the field of industrial sex doll Enterprises new products, new technology research and development.
From policy implementation perspective, the five-year plan, the country has been an important part of the industrial silicon dolls sexy Canada intelligent manufacturing equipment. As a department of the silicon dolls sexy Canada industry, the Ministry of Industry from 2012 to start thinking about how to deal with Chinese industrial sex doll and pressure of international competition, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s silicon dolls sexy Canada industry. By the end of 2013, the Ministry issued guidance on promoting healthy and orderly development of the silicon dolls sexy Canada industry; by the end of March 2014 they held a summit to promote industrial development in Jiangsu sex doll.
Following the 2013 introduction of the promotion of industrial development of silicon dolls sexy Canada guidance after, the Ministry once again preparing to support the industrial development of the silicon dolls sexy Canada-related policies, including joint national standard committee to promote the silicon dolls sexy Canada industry, national and industry standards, joint sector research Finance and Insurance Regulatory Commission has established The first sets of silicon dolls sexy Canadian applications insurance mechanism, the formation of an expert advisory team studied various aspects of the preparation of silicon dolls sexy Canada and silicon dolls sexy Canada industry roadmap ‘Thirteen Five-Year Plan’ and so on. More information can be found in the silicon dolls sexy Canada industry forecasts China 2015 report released by the lobby of the silicon dolls sexy Canada industry development trend analysis.