Sex education: inventory of children education in the world

Sex education: inventory of children education in the world

Editor’s note: the so-called shisexingye, but because of China’s long cultural atmosphere is relatively conservative, talking about sex, this article bring you a preliminary understanding of the sex education for their exploration of the road, let you have a more diverse understanding of education, more three-dimensional objective reflection on educational status in China in fact, the current, in some extent, education should become a not or less part of early childhood education, according to the experience of western countries for education to maintain a more open attitude, often for the healthy development of young people in plays an immeasurable positive role. Youth is a first awakening interest in the opposite sex individuals to establish the key period of world outlook, parents with social knowledge for the correct method of education for children children will have a positive guiding role. Luigi Nono was 4 and a half years old, and the little girl went home and told her mother that she was going to marry a little boy in her class. The mother smiled and said to her friend, but she didn’t think it was a joke. She made a decision in her heart that when Luigi Nono was 5 years old, she would have to sleep alone. “The child has a sexual awareness, as parents should gradually let her receive a little sex education.” Luigi Nono mother said, recently a spate of sexual assault against children, especially children need to have some knowledge and awareness of self-protection, “I have repeatedly said to Luigi Nono, not vest and shorts covered place to let a person feel.” 80 Luigi Nono mom, “pick up generation”, when they were little, not be told mom and dad are picked up, is “creakfossa laiy”. She said she didn’t want to continue to coax her children in such a way. Every time my friends baby, mother Luigi Nono took Luigi Nono to the little brother and sister, mother always took the opportunity to let Luigi Nono look at the baby, tell her little * * is the younger brother, a small duck is my sister. There are some stories about sexual initiation in Luigi Nono’s children’s magazine, and she will give it to Luigi Nono. “Once she saw the balloon, the balloon blowing hole below as small * *, said hanging on the line how small a * *.” The children know, a powerful and unconstrained style imagination, let Luigi Nono believe that mother, it is necessary for children’s education. Luigi Nono 2 years old, her mother gave her a look at how the formation of a foreign science and education film. “We all just let nature take its course, and she has some sense of gender and curiosity, and we let her know something about it.” Luigi Nono asked mom how to belly scar? Her mother told her that Luigi Nono came out of his mother’s stomach. Luigi Nono asked again, he is so big, how to get into the mother’s stomach? Mother is a “Little Tadpole swimming” story. “Really, I was born by caesarean section, but explained that if is born, I don’t know how to explain this problem.” Luigi Nono mother said, give children sex education, really not easy. Sex is an unavoidable problem in life. Curious children in the school is also a test of the wisdom of the teacher. Hangzhou Xingzhi Tao kindergarten teacher Qin Shuli said, because the kindergarten are boys and girls together go to the toilet, they will be very curious, how the body of boys and girls are not the same, the toilet position is not the same. “We don’t take the initiative to say something specific, but simple concepts will tell them. Three or four years old to let them know that boys and girls are not the same, the body structure is different, so the toilet posture is different. To a large class, the children will know what is mother born. We will tell the children where I come from the story: my father has a lot of small tadpoles in the stomach, swim to the mother’s stomach in a small house to play, grew up to become a baby was born. The explanation is more scientific and popular.” Hongkong has a children’s picture book “sex education” where I come from, so that parents can talk to the children answered “where I come from”, but two of them involved in sexual intercourse with the birth of a child’s picture, once triggered everyone on the scale to discuss the sex education for preschool children. How to carry out the child sex education? The children began to realize that men and women two or three years of age, of curiosity, asked many strange questions. Hangzhou Normal University School of education teacher Sun Lili think, the child’s first education from this time is better. She suggested that some of the role of the game, let them carry out sexual enlightenment, such as playing mom and dad game. For some living habits, as the toilet, the child will be curious, parents can do some explanation accordingly, so that children understand the similarities and differences in gender. When children are three or four years old, they will emphasize gender differences in their paintings. Sun Lili said, at this time, the kindergarten by reading picture books, theme way with the popularity of some children “the knowledge of where I come from”, let the child have a gender identity, such as the boys should be brave and independent. In addition, the child at this stage to start some self safety education. Sun Lili said, now the domestic kindergarten will be a lot of foreign picture books “Serena forward” to a child sex education, also please come to the kindergarten children to discuss pregnant women come from the problem, but it is relatively shallow, only when it comes to mom and Dad

Choose the right condom, condom rupture how to deal with

Abstract: in recent years, because of the dual effects of contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, especially the widespread use of condoms, condoms have become more common. It should be said that condoms is a convenient, worthy of promotion of male contraceptive tools. According to statistics, if the correct use of condoms, failure rate of only 1.5 ~ 4.2%. But in the actual use of condoms, the failure rate as high as 10 ~ 15%. The reason is mainly people failed in the use of condoms in the process of attention to some of the details, cause contraceptive failure. In recent years, condoms have been widely used because of their dual effects of contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, especially aids. It should be said that condoms is a convenient, worthy of promotion of male contraceptive tools. According to statistics, if the correct use of condoms, failure rate of only 1.5 ~ 4.2%. But in the actual use of condoms, the failure rate as high as 10 ~ 15%. The reason is mainly people failed in the use of condoms in the process of attention to some of the details, cause contraceptive failure. The male condom use, condom from 1 detailed methods of packaging carefully so as not to tear apart the edge of condom; avoid sharp scissors type, ensure that condoms do not break down. 2, with condoms, pre produced secretions may contain semen and lead to sexually transmitted diseases, can cause the spread of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The residual air in the 3, the condom can lead to condom rupture, to avoid the likelihood of rupture, the extrusion end of the condom pouch air gently with the thumb and index finger, and then will be on the condom. 4, determine the end of the condom curly part exposed outside. In front of the condom to squeeze the same time, with the other hand to gently extend the condom cover. 5, if part of the condom slippage, immediately put it back in situ. 6, each condom can only be used once. Use a condom wrapped in tissue paper and put into the dustbin. How to choose the suitable condoms on the market many types of condoms, thin, thread, flavor…… There are also marked on the packaging, which makes me very confused in the selection. Sometimes from the supermarket to buy home condoms, although expensive, not comfortable to use. I would like to ask, in the face of all kinds of condoms, how to choose? Men often complain about wearing condoms uncomfortable, in fact, the main reason is that there is no right choice. In the model, China market condoms have large, mistress, models, general common medium. Men can use a thin wire around the penis after the erection of a full circle, and then measure the length of the line, that is, the circumference of the penis, and then divided by 3.14, it is the diameter of the penis. According to the results of this calculation, you can go to buy the right size condoms. In the thick, condoms are thin, thin and ordinary three, thickness of 0.01 millimeters per drop, male comfort will rise 20%. However, for those who are faster, older men, or should use a thick condom, is conducive to control * * *, to extend the sex life. In the aspect of texture, thread, floating point and so on to help enhance the stimulation of women, women can choose to purchase according to demand. Some have the flavor and color of the condom, is helpful to increase the fun, but also prone to allergies with additives, should pay attention to the physical feelings. If itching, edema and other issues, to be promptly deactivated. In addition, the condom also has a shelf life, the purchase should be clear, expired on the aging can not be used. How to deal with condom rupture? Sex, due to the intensity of the action is too large, suddenly found a broken condom, I would like to ask how to deal with this time? The use of too small, expired or excessive use of condoms sexual intercourse, are prone to rupture. The flow of semen into the vagina after a condom rupture may result in pregnancy. Therefore, if the condom was found when sexual intercourse, should take other measures to contraception. First of all, should immediately stop sexual life, the woman was squatting posture, so you can make the most of the semen outflow from the vagina, and then choose a topical contraceptive (such as topical contraceptive film, topical contraceptive tablets) into the vagina, kill the residual of sperm in the vagina. However, before taking these measures, may have been part of the sperm into the uterine cavity, so there is still the possibility of pregnancy, so the best remedy is to take anti pregnancy drugs. The use of condoms contraception couples, it is best to have 1 – 2 kinds of anti pregnancy drugs, in order to prevent the rupture of the condom after the helpless, resulting in mental stress. To prevent the occurrence of such problems, we must learn to use condoms correctly, to avoid the use of too late or premature picking, the proper use of lubricants, the correct storage of condoms, etc..

600 thousand copycat condoms go abroad in Italy checked

600 thousand copycat condoms go abroad in Italy checked

Abstract: the copycat condom out of the country, Italy seized 600 thousand imitation brand condoms China manufacturing including counterfeit brands such as Durex,… According to the French “Le Parisien” reported on July 7th, Italy financial police announced on July 7th local time in Rome – Fiumicino Airport seized 600 thousand Chinese for counterfeit condoms, these counterfeit goods also use some the world famous brand of condom packaging. Agence France-Presse news, Italy police said in a statement, Yuecha won 600 thousand condoms in the world famous brand condoms realistic imitation exquisite packaging, such as Durex. Police also pointed out that, after the official laboratory test results, these condoms are not properly disinfected, and the use of harmful human health chemical procedures. Police investigation found that these condoms are made in China, and then stored in a warehouse in Albania, and then wholesale sales, and sales in the network. The statement also pointed out that the police will transfer 20 suspects to the court, most of them Chinese citizens. Pretty Love Sex Products For Woman Full Silicone Rotation Penis 30 Speed Vibrator

Fu community health center condom enabled self-service machine

Editor’s note: from last year, relevant departments of the statistical data: China’s artificial abortion, the number of AIDS infection is increasing year by year, so all parts of the country after the World AIDS Day 2016 are beginning to grasp the AIDS epidemic prevention publicity measures, especially to the public to promote and publicize the role and use of condoms. Under the influence of the policy and the efforts of national staff, and now many areas have begun to distribute condoms free of charge, so I believe that AIDS prevention work in this year should be able to achieve good results. To reduce the number of abortions, abortion relieve younger, security in women of childbearing age, health status, early, superior for each unit is equipped with a free condom self-service machine, after debugging, is now officially put into use.

Xiamen adult Exhibition (2016)

Editor’s note: the relevant media reports, according to the B2B platform of network information products taste, every year China fun supplies market size of up to 100 billion yuan. There are a lot of people see this data will doubt her true, but if we go to take a closer look at Chinese Adult supplies are now, then you will find that the real situation of the contrast, this data should be better than ever before. The reason is very simple, because now the product is not the kind of poor quality of the production of toys, especially inflatable dolls, and sometimes the price of a doll is not cheaper than a real wife. She was lying in a narrow bed, with cold eyes and plump have disproportionately large breasts to meet with potential customers, to meet the “156”, she was alone in the empty bed China male doubles partner.

Adult products cited attention to promote condom use in Yunnan

Editor’s note: many doctors and health experts said, do not use condoms are a major cause of China’s current AIDS incidence is high is sex. Due to the lack of sex education in China, many people think that the condom name is used for contraception, so if it is between the same sex, especially among men, without the risk of pregnancy, so do not use condoms, but in fact, the condom is also called condoms, so it is not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to protect the health and safety effect. Recently, the Yunnan provincial food and Drug Administration in the province to promote the use of condoms to prevent AIDS campaign. Realistic Vagina Fleshlight Masturbator

This classic intelligent puppet theater, you can recall?

Editor’s note: Recently, China’s first interactive robot successfully launched, although not yet to the stage of foreign sales, but the new science and technology is still amazing. Since the robot, inflatable dolls, dolls are the most intelligent Indoorsman love hearts, they are not only beautiful, good temperament, it is the perfect girlfriend word! Compared to some of the girls now, seems to have more to bring the simulation doll man happiness and blessing of “sex”? Does that mean that inflatable dolls will take the place of women? Xiao Bian can only say that everything is possible! Today the EXDOLL puppet theatre, TV sitcom memories, I’m going to take you back a 90s. I believe this old film has exceeded the age of a lot of friends. Born as a fan of the baby after the birth of Xiao Bian, would like to share this drama at this moment to everyone, just to remember the memories of your childhood that clear, together with a review of the sunny day.

Christmas spice sales surge, the proportion of men and women close

Christmas spice sales surge, the proportion of men and women close

According to a large electricity supplier platform Market Research Report shows that 79% of Chinese people believe that China’s attitude towards sex increasingly open. Although only 15% said they were “very satisfied” with their sexual lives (the proportion of women was 12%), the figure was pretty close to the West. sex apparatus

The lack of sex education in China millions of young people are faced with the risk

Editor’s note: we are now on the juvenile education attitude is: both want to tell children to know, but because of the face can not open, always feel with the children began to talk about “sex” is a very shameful thing. However, because the parents and schools are so shy, do not know how much delay the child’s health, ruined many children’s future. Parents as children most close person, should consciously take up the task of education, and the school to be apart from embarrassment of male and female students to teach, let the children know more, then by the disease and accidental pregnancy damage will be less. CNN November 30th article, bird or a high school student, the teacher put the girls in the class together, tell them if they were raped, to eat emergency contraceptives.