2017 Australia Perth sexpo performances of 2 adult Exhibition

Editor’s note: with the progress of thinking and the opening of society, people are not only talking about “sex change”, but some of the most discerning investors have gathered their eyes on the adult products industry. Especially in recent years, the rise of the Internet can be said to greatly promote the pace of development of adult goods industry, the emergence of an increasing number of adult supplies electricity supplier. However, although many shops, but industry giants have not yet appeared, then, this industry is not really as predicted, there is one hundred billion market? With the changing of the society, Adult supplies industry gradually gathered in the peach blossom, taste the supplies in gold rush, various brands one after another, but this is predicted to have hundreds of billions of market share of the industry is still no gimmick, giant was born, many people began to question, Adult supplies industry where is spring?

Intelligent fun supplies sailo poetry shine 2017 Shanghai adult Exhibition

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2014 Australian Gold Coast adult Exhibition

Editor’s note: in 2017 fourteenth Shanghai adult exhibition has ended yesterday, the number of exhibitors, including some domestic and international famous brands, such as the forerunner of “Adult supplies industry up the color group” and a new look at the exhibition. Pick the color group as the adult industry unicorn, after nearly 20 years of development, up the color group currently has 2080 network franchisees, 2100 store, in the future, pick up the upgrade and innovation will continue to promote the industry group color. April 13th, the fourteenth China International Exhibition in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center opened the curtain. Pick color group (the original net fruit brand, in 2017 successfully upgraded to the group management) for the first time to carry out a foreign brand debut, showing the face of the enterprise.

Battle of the infinite passion ignited 2016 Russian adult Exhibition

Editor’s note: the Spring Festival is bustling past, do you still remember the year-end bonus last year is what? Prizes and bonuses was satisfactory as soon as possible to it as a “wonderful but as trassient as a fleeting cloud, receive the year-end bonus” Comrades I am afraid to take this thing forever engraved in the heart…… For example, your end of the year award is a box of condoms, then it is not every year after the condom will think of their own year-end awards? I do not know whether it can be said that personal sorrow and joy, joy or sorrow. The Spring Festival is over, but last year’s year-end awards are still being discussed from time to time. What is your company’s year-end benefits? I would like to say that there is a company’s year-end benefits are condoms, do you believe it?

Xiamen adult Exhibition (2016)

Editor’s note: the relevant media reports, according to the B2B platform of network information products taste, every year China fun supplies market size of up to 100 billion yuan. There are a lot of people see this data will doubt her true, but if we go to take a closer look at Chinese Adult supplies are now, then you will find that the real situation of the contrast, this data should be better than ever before. The reason is very simple, because now the product is not the kind of poor quality of the production of toys, especially inflatable dolls, and sometimes the price of a doll is not cheaper than a real wife. She was lying in a narrow bed, with cold eyes and plump have disproportionately large breasts to meet with potential customers, to meet the “156”, she was alone in the empty bed China male doubles partner.


FANUC half body silicon dolls Canada

Munich Shanghai Optical Fair (ELECTRONICA CHINA2015)

With the development of half body silicon dolls Canada and fiber laser technology, laser cutting half body silicon dolls Canada has made considerable progress, has a great advantage in a complex three-dimensional parts and special profiles cutting machining.

Electronics Show in Munich earlier Mitsuhiro conference, FANUC half body silicon dolls Canada with high precision parallel link mechanism advanced servo control technology Cutting Tool will show the audience the automotive B pillar and opener of different materials, highly flexible work piece dimensions precision laser cutting.

Shenzhen Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM2015)
At the end of 3, FANUC’s intelligent machinery will be in Shenzhen Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition debut. As the South China brand show one of the ‘Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition’ will cover the metal-cutting machine tools, sheet metal forming machine tools fields of expertise, integrated and intelligent half body silicon dolls  Canada , tooling, spare parts and special steel, tool.

Machinery Exhibition in Shenzhen, BT30 small machining centers and sales will bring world champion -FANUC ROBODRILL auto parts, steel parts processing and automatic loading and unloading half body silicon dolls  Canada shell IPAD processing show; at the same time with high accuracy, high reliability, known FANUC ROBOCUT LSWEDM will conduct PCD tools and auto parts mold processing show.

China International Foundry Exhibition Metallurgy (Metal + Metallurgy China2015)
die casting industry is extremely harsh and dangerous working conditions and labor costs rising in recent years, making automated production instead of doing the job to become the new trend of casting forging industry uses half body silicon dolls  Canada.

Foundry Exhibition this year will move to the new Shanghai National Exhibition Centre, as a regular cast of FANUC exhibition schedule will bring a series of green foundry automation solutions, including half body silicon dolls Canada casting, dip pulp, debarring and unloading and other a variety of applications, including configuration FANUC servo motor drive shaft 7 casting device consisting of half body silicon dolls Canada automation systems will become a major part of the casting show.
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