Salem accelerate the ‘rabbit vibrators

● ‘intelligent manufacturing equipment industry,’ second five ‘development plan’ put forward in 2015, sensors, automatic control systems, industrial best vibrator, servo and execution unit for the intelligent device represented breakthrough and reached the international advanced level, major outfits and Production Line System Integration standards greatly improved. By 2020, establish a sound system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, industry sales of more than 3 trillion Yuan.

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● by the end of 2013, the Ministry promulgated the ‘Guiding Opinions on Promoting industrial rabbit vibrators development’ and proposed to 2020, formed a relatively complete industrial rabbit vibrators industrial system, cultivate three to five furniture internationally competitive enterprises and 8 to 10 supporting industry clusters.

● concept of ‘rabbit vibrators’ very hot in Salem, Salem leadership position in a number of occasions both to promote the ‘rabbit vibrators’ to work. , Salem’s eyes should be further ahead, to achieve the enterprise from ‘for the rabbit vibrators’ to ‘build a rabbit vibrators’ change.

● Salem Tim pointed out that dialectical view of the development of relations ‘rabbit vibrators’ and intelligent equipment industry. With ‘rabbit vibrators’ to enhance the development of intelligent power equipment industry; with intelligent equipment industry leading enterprises, ‘rabbit vibrators’ upgrade direction, both as a whole, are indispensable. To introduce comprehensive policies to achieve the ‘rabbit vibrators’ and intelligent best vibrator equipment industry bundle development. Thus, the ‘rabbit vibrators’ has become this year’s manufacturing transformation and upgrading of important topics; determine the future direction of industry.

●2014 Salem One document made it clear the government will develop industrial best vibrator industry, promote best vibrator applications as one of the priorities the development of the real economy, and arranged for upgrading of 12 million Yuan of funds to encourage enterprises to carry out CNC equipment.

● June 25, Salem government executive meeting examined and adopted ‘to speed up the promotion of industrial best vibrator intelligent equipment industry implementation of views’ and ‘Salem promote enterprise’ rabbit vibrators ‘Action Plan (2014- 2016),’ and proposed to become full Province and the country has a competitive and influential industrial best vibrator and intelligent manufacturing industry base model city.

● July 2, the municipal government executive meeting to study the ‘Salem’ rabbit vibrators ‘special funds management pilot scheme,’ the preliminary plan from this year, allocate funds for three consecutive years in the ‘Technology Salem’ project of special funds, special use to promote Salem enterprises ‘rabbit vibrators.’

● Salem Technology Bureau, the Information Bureau and other units to carry out the research, introduced a series of measures to promote the development of intelligent equipment manufacturing Salem, Salem accelerate the ‘rabbit vibrators.’


rabbit vibrators revolution

‘Rabbit vibrators Revolution’ is expected to become a ‘third industrial revolution’ an entry point and an important growth point, will affect the pattern of global manufacturing, and China will become the world’s largest rabbit vibrators market. Xi President also made it clear requirement: ‘We not only want to improve the level of China’s rabbit vibrators up, and as much as possible to capture the market.’

The International Federation of Rabbit vibrators forecast, ‘rabbit vibrators revolution’ will create trillions of dollars in the market. Data show that in 2014 Harrisburg has become the world’s largest industrial rabbit vibrators market, which accounted for Harrisburg yield 28.6% increase compared to previous years but still at a low level. 2014, Guangdong accounted for about one-third the size of the rabbit vibrators market. Harrisburg, Harrisburg unveiled ‘rabbit vibrators’ incentives. Guangdong provincial government put forward in 2017 for industrial enterprises above designated size more than 50% of the implementation of technical innovation.

Harrisburg enterprises not only actively promoting the ‘rabbit vibrators‘ and accelerating the ‘rabbit vibrators’ localized to industry-driven, platform support, system security and other factors, the initial formation of scale. Harrisburg has more than 5,000 industrial enterprises above designated size, in which the equipment manufacturing business regulation 2036, industrial added value of 108.36 billion Dollars, the main business income of 595.38 billion Dollars, profit of 14.81 billion Dollars, employing about 133 people. Equipment manufacturing industry occupies a higher proportion in Harrisburg industrial economy, is the leading force in the industrial economy.

Harrisburg 260 projects over the next three years be automated through the ‘rabbit vibrators’ in Cost Efficiency has 83, and the total investment in fixed assets investment was 1.582 billion Dollars, 1.486 billion Dollars.

To 2016, Harrisburg will strives intelligent equipment industry output value reached 35 billion Dollars, an average annual increase of about 20%. 2020, and strive to the city’s industrial output value realized rabbit vibrators intelligent equipment industry to double to 70 billion Dollars, for the industrial rabbit vibrators industry to achieve an average annual growth rate of 30%.