five areas of sex doll

In accordance with the relevant plan, by 2020, China should establish a relatively complete industrial system of industrial sex doll, cultivate 3-5 furniture internationally competitive enterprises and 8-10 supporting industry clusters; technological innovation ability of industrial sex doll industry and business and international competitiveness significantly enhanced, high-end products, market share increased to more than 45%, the silicon sexy doll Canada density (per thousand employees using sex doll several) more than 100, basically meet the national defense, national economic and social development needs.

Currently MIIT is working from the top-level design, standards, and financial support to promote the development of China’s five areas of sex doll industry.
Addition, the Ministry is also studying the docking platform to build on the silicon sexy doll Canada between upstream and downstream, popularization and application.
driven by China’s Ministry of Industry sex doll industry is being ushered in rapid development, 2015 will be a crucial year for the development of Chinese industrial sex doll, silicon sexy doll Canada giant layout this year abroad in China has been basically completed, the domestic silicon sexy doll Canada is about to enter the international market acceptance testing. If the 2015 and 2016 China Silicon sexy doll Canada enterprises seize this opportunity, we will be able to gain a firm foothold in the entire high-end equipment manufacturing industry.
Opportunity is before us, the challenge is everywhere.

Sex doll industry, although in recent years China has made great achievements, but set in the body has been in shackles. Core components of R u0026 D is missing, the lack of brand, low market acceptance …… these are hindering the development of the silicon sexy doll Canada industry in China. To help the industry to clarify the market situation, firmly grasp market trends, sponsored by OF week, OF week silicon sexy doll Canada network hosted ‘OF week 2015 China Silicon sexy doll Canada Industry Forum’ will be held on March 31. The summit will gather in the heart of the downstream parts suppliers, silicon sexy doll Canada manufacturers, system integrators, enterprise applications such as sex doll industry chain manufacturers to discuss business development model of industrial sex doll, silicon sexy doll Canada industry overview and analysis of the current situation and future trends, and focus on the industrial silicon sexy doll Canada application technology and industry development strategies in manufacturing, to jointly promote Chinese sex doll industry rapid and healthy development.

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