Five the theft of Adult supplies, wonderful male curious jingfangxingju

Editor’s note: this news really want to be a small laugh stitch, the world really wonderful, should go to see the psychological doctor, this is a kind of disease treatment! A man on the self-service vending machines placed in the adult supplies curious, two months has 5 times with a screwdriver, stone, lighters undermine the vending machine theft of adult products, which are monitored shoot down. According to the police surveillance video captured a man Zhou, yesterday he was detained by police. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the police station in Shanghai, Taijiang, from the end of last December to the end of January this year, the end of the police received an adult store alarm. The store staff said, placed in the traffic road west of a 24 hour adult goods vending machine was destroyed, many adult supplies stolen. Police received a report, and obtain a surveillance video, quickly caught the suspect zhou. According to Zhou confession, last December 31st at 3 am, he saw a vending machine after traffic West road. The self-service vending machine in the Adult supplies out of curiosity, he wanted to try these Adult supplies, but who have no money to buy, will carry out a screwdriver to pry the self-service machine, but didn’t pry open. Zhou went to the street to find a piece of marble to hit the vending machine, can still not open. At this time, Zhou thought to burn a vending machine with a lighter body, the vending machine window boil, Zhou then stole a Adult supplies. Zhou returned the stolen Adult supplies, feel very enjoyable, but also to tell his friends with a million. Then two people together in the early morning of January 12th this year to Taijiang traffic road, together with the adult goods vending machines to start. Because Zhou has a previous “experience”, the first is the sword, the stone, and then burned, two people on the same day also stole Adult supplies. Two people back home, feel Adult supplies for fun, and not spend money. Then, two people and two “cooperation” stole a number of Adult supplies back. At the end of January this year, Zhou also alone with the same means to steal an adult supplies. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

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