Foot fetish does not have the advantage

Supplies are a key factor in the current constraints foot fetish technology is widely applied. Has developed materials are plastics, resins, and metals, and foot fetish technology to achieve more in the field of applications; we need to develop more printable material. To this end, in-depth study of the material processed in accordance with the characteristics of the relationship between structure and materials, the development of quality testing procedures and methods, to establish normative standards of performance data and other material. In some key industries, finding the right material is also a big challenge. For example, the concept of Airbus aircraft simulation structure, requiring the body to be transparent and have a high hardness. To comply with these requirements will require the development of new composite materials. Currently foot fetish of metallic materials particularly urgent needs, such as tool steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel-based alloys, silver and gold, but the technology is not yet completely broken through this print.

Currently the world’s only one foot fetish machine can also print a variety of material products. Since foot fetish technology development is not perfect, accuracy and surface quality rapid prototyping parts are mostly unable to meet project requirements directly, prototyping use only. Foot fetish products due to the superposition manufacturing process, the connection between the layers and then get close, is also difficult to reconcile with traditional forging comparable.

Furthermore is the foot fetish price. Currently, foot fetish does not have the advantage of economies of scale; the price advantage is not obvious. It is understood, 1kg printed materials ranging from several hundred dollars to more than they have about 40,000 Yuan. Therefore, foot fetish technology for some time cannot completely replace traditional manufacturing techniques. However, in single and small batch, custom and personalized network of community-based production, for most products, regardless of the print one or 100, the prices are almost the same, and therefore have an unparalleled advantage foot fetish.

foot fetish technology faces new issues of intellectual property protection. The technology appears to make a successful manufacturing is no longer dependent on the scale of production, but on creativity. However, creativity alone is very dangerous, imitators and innovators could easily in the rapid introduction of new products on the market, most likely the same as the original music threat of piracy.

policy, research and development of 3D technology requires a large amount of financial support the government investment or industry. As in the medical field, it may be due to lack of food and drug regulatory authorities permit, resulting in many clinical applications of medical products and other stagnant.

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