Fun chandelier: like condoms to add spice to sexual life

Abstract: a single dog can only learn Durex copy? Can buy condoms to Czech Jan Vacek lighting design brand Clart design a condom shape pendant. 0″ glass tube simulation contraceptive rubber sheath shape tube can protect the internal light source. The light source is a LED lamp, a steel pole and the bottom. 0″ even the bottom boss of the lamp is small perfectly. In order to make this unique detail, the glass must be blown into the wooden abrasives, the bulge is made of handmade. the reverie of the product is divided into a plurality of clock color: white, yellow, red and so on, they all have a high transparency. What are you thinking I don’t know. Anyway, the designer told the Dezeen: “condoms are a symbol of freedom. “The condom is carrying a load of life. Perhaps such a lamp in addition to the fun of the human touch, but also make people face this daily behavior. Item name: Vacek (Condom Lights): Jan product status: Prototype

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