Global interest in adult supplies analysis of the situation, with well-known brands

Abstract: Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States are fun Adult supplies consumer, sex toys and how long will the Chinese people boarded in good taste? Here’s a set of data: more than 70% of the adult products come from mainland China; more than 100 billion of the annual market sales; more than 30 million of Taobao buyers every year…… These figures alone are eye opening. Only a short while ago, or that Chinese see kissing will blush “innocence”, with the popularity of the Internet, the United States and Japan relatively open culture, such as “great scourges” into the Chinese people’s view. Influx, as well as gradually become interesting new things. At this time, when 80, 90, into adulthood, this is the first batch of reform and opening up new China grew up. They grow in relatively good physical environment, self personality, generally accepted the modern education, the importance of personal happiness, the ability to accept new things. They are full of novelty and longing for the new blood of sexual culture that has never been exposed to. According to statistics, the number of 80, 90, more than 250 million, accounting for about 1/5 of the total population of the country, such a huge group of ideas, it can be said that a direct impact on the people’s ideological direction. As a result, more and more mainstream fashion media have begun to re locate “sex”, and spice products have begun to become a new expression of fashionable life, instead of the vulgar and vulgar representatives of traditional ideas. As a result, the increasing consumption figures show the blooming of the interest products in the Chinese market. Japan: “all open”, “no shaking” NO.1, whether from sexual openness, or from the bustling atmosphere of interest products, the Japanese adult market has been the world’s well deserved NO.1. The Japanese adult goods market is almost universal, and the beauty of its erotic culture often puts foreigners in Japan at first sight. When it comes to the openness and popularity of Japanese sexual culture, it also begins with Japanese history. According to Japanese mythology “Kojiki” records, the islands of Japan and the people on the island are combined with the product of God * *. The great and the people never shy away from being descendants of gods, women or ancestors, reflecting the worship and tolerance of the early and big peoples towards sexual culture. During the middle ages, the great and the great even made the genitals as art objects to protect themselves. At the same time the literary masterpiece “the tale of Genji” as the world’s first full-length novel, is Japan’s first cultural works. After World War II, in order to meet the physiological needs of the Japanese Imperial Army, where there is comfort. After entering the modern world, because of the concept of gradual opening of Japanese culture more from appliances to carry forward, sex sex attire, from food to sex sex DVD, a variety of cultural products. Japan’s sex industry is rife. Movies, television, books, magazines, comics and newspapers are everywhere. AV actresses such as Sora Aoi, Kaede Matsushima and Ai Iijima have long been known around the world for their adult video industry. Sexual culture industry has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. It can be said that the sexual worship of the Japanese is the fundamental factor for the prosperity of the adult goods market. In the face of Japanese Tanzania, than most countries in the world was much more tolerant. At the same time, Japan’s industrial policy also provides a guarantee for the development of the adult market. Since the formulation of Japanese industrial policy is not made by the government departments, it is the result of the joint actions of the administrative departments, industry associations and financial institutions, among which the opinions of the trade associations account for a large proportion. With the growing interest in the market and the economic and cultural effects of the Japanese cultural industries, the industry and financial institutions are happy. Therefore, it has also won more policy concessions and support for the industry. Although the opening brings “aid communication” and other negative news, which makes the Japanese government a headache, but from the essence of control, the government is still of no avail, Japan Adult supplies market is already known, but also in the country is still hot. Until today, the Japanese still regularly held “games” in the games, everywhere genital style, people in high spirits, some parents will take the children to participate in only a few years old. Europe and the United States: a religious and pan free wrestling, “open under the shy”, Europe and the United States adult sexual too casual? Go to bed at first sight? Bye bye after sex…… If your eyes are still in Europe and Europe and the cultural bubble story, they’re all big mongolia. Before twentieth Century, due to the dual restrictions of region and religion, sexual concepts in China and the West were not very different. They were all in the traditional closed and conservative cultural stage. Until 60s the “sexual liberation” with vigour and vitality in the whole of Europe and America such as sparks of fire, rapid fire. In the Beatles Rock age, the western world was a series of social ills because of sexual indulgence. The wheel of history has witnessed the cultural closure under repression, and the chaos after the overkill. Therefore, people began to examine the problems left over by history and set up a systematic sex education culture. Nowadays, most European and American countries begin to offer sex education courses in their childhood, so adults in Europe and the United States are exposed to sex very early. That doesn’t mean they’re very casual about sex. Religion has profound influence on Europe and the United States, the United States, almost every household a household “Bible”, nearly 80% of Americans are Christians, more than 85% of students are enrolled in the church school, many famous universities including Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, is originally founded by the church. Today, there are still more than 1200 religious radio stations and more than 5000 religious newspapers and magazines in the United states. In religious opinion, there is hardly any faction that is open and encouraging. As a result, religious groups in Europe and America are usually not too open-minded. In contrast, another group of people, under the free and open thinking of western countries, is showing the opposite side. They advocate freedom and enjoy sexual pleasure, so they can not control their sexual behavior. The competition between the two forces constitutes the unique sexual culture of today’s Europe and america. As a result, Europe and America are pioneers in the adult goods market. On the other hand, the consumption of adult products is not as rampant as the Chinese people imagine. Under the background of opening, European and American cultures are shy and solemn with religious veil. How long will the fun supplies boarded the Chinese people in good taste? Back to China’s adult products market, although amazing figures show the potential market potential of interest products, but the resistance is still not to be underestimated. Although the sexual concept of the new generation has become more open, and the absorption of the traditional culture as a whole, the real integration of the concept of sexual freedom still needs a long period of running in. Coupled with the uncertainty of policy and the lack of supervision mechanism, adult products always walk out of embarrassing gray areas. It is gratifying to note that a group of people have always adhered to the invisibility cloak in this industry, which is dedicated to the fading of interest products and to push them to the public eye. In fact, any one industry started, will inevitably pass chaos students plexus. The market needs the examination of time, sex culture, as an important chapter of human culture, will certainly shine in time. By then, adult supplies will return to their rightful place and become part of the daily human race for the benefit of mankind. The world famous brand of appendix Adult supplies appliances Germany ovo\Lovelife U.S. Department of Guangzhou Wokang Rui Di Health Products Co. Ltd. (pillow game) Shenzhen jizhimei health supplies chain Co. Ltd. (jizhimei) Japan Wildone Japan TOYS HEART INC to Wang Hui (on Hart) Loewie Trading Limited (Hongkong Le Yi) Shenzhen Green Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan baby Hao Chi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Hongkong cubic Shijiazhuang Zhengtian science and Technology Co Ltd Japan Lianzhi Rends Hongkong Xuan love Dongguan Luxuries Industrial Co. Ltd. (QI) Hongkong Nolan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Le ite International Group Limited Guilin HBM healthcares Co. Ltd. Guangzhou real fun Trading Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yi oh Hongkong international city zero distance Electronics Co. Ltd. Shanghai happy-star into Export Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hongkong international to Cheung Wei Mu Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Le mandt Technology Co. Ltd. Shenzhen city molsiede Electronics Co. Ltd. of Ningbo city Yinzhou Kyrgyzstan electronic technology Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Kangxiang condom Industrial Co. Ltd. (Jin Dun) Beijing non medical instrument limited company Shandong shengluolan Trading Co. Ltd. (YSL) Guilin HBM healthcares Co. Ltd. Guilin Zizhu latex products Co Ltd (Kaka) Amazon city of Tianjin science and technology development limited company Sky International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou city Maiaisi rubber products Co. Ltd. of Dongguan city Okamoto Trade Co. Ltd. Ji’nan crown Ming Industrial Co. Ltd. Shaw Brothers Health Food Co. Ltd. external The people of Jiangxi at the beginning of delay Pharmaceutical Company Limited (first oil) Development Co. Ltd. Guangzhou four hundred Guangzhou Trade Beijing United States Trade Development Co. Ltd Shenzhen city to Dongchundang Biotechnology Co. Ltd. of Dongguan City lubricants mortal life necessities Limited company Beijing Yingjia Albert medical supplies Company Limited (Guangzhou how-e times tenderness) Wallace Trading Co. Ltd. Shijiazhuang day science and Technology Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Hui look at Trading Co., SM products, a real interest on behalf of Guangzhou Trading Co. Ltd. Wenzhou net interest Agel Ecommerce Ltd famous Adult supplies exhibition in Guangzhou of the Shanghai International Festival adult Exhibition Asia Adult Expo (Hongkong, Macao) Hangzhou Xi’an adult Exhibition Fair of Zhengzhou Cultural Festival Dalian adult exhibition of Chinese Medicine – family planning reproductive health The product (reed Sinopharm exhibitions)…

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