He will release 2 condoms to subvert the traditional condom?

Editor’s note: talking about condoms, a lot of people are not unfamiliar, but most people in the eyes of condoms seemingly also stay at the most primitive appearance, is a simple, transparent film. But in fact, this is different from the past, many products are no longer the original look, regardless of appearance or performance, have undergone tremendous changes. Like the previous condom is just contraception, but now condoms are a lot more interesting things, such as we want to introduce this today, it will subvert the imagination of consumers…… If the last generation of Chinese people is still the limitations of traditional thinking, then a new generation of Chinese people will be bound to break the shackles of thought. The progress of the society, the ideological revolution, all walks of life in turn the world upside down changes, of course, including the taste of brand, in order to taste community chatter this change effort.

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