If China and the United States to fight a trade war, sporting goods prices will become expensive

Editor’s note: first of all, we have to admit that the concept of open, so the taste of products market compared with the domestic mature many times, accordingly, they produce sex products than domestic more advanced, more numerous. It is not difficult to explain why we found that “fun” is a little bit of exotic products are basically foreign, although the price is expensive, but it is really amazing to use. However, if the United States and China to fight a trade war, then we can accept these products more expensive price? The president of the United States Trump first signed out the “trans Pacific Partnership Agreement” (The Trans-Pacific, Partnership, TPP) administrative documents, it can not help but speculate whether there will be the future of Sino US trade war? The study estimates that if the United States to raise tariff barriers, they will get hurt, because including toys, toys and other items will become more expensive.

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