In 2017, China’s condom usage will exceed 10 billion

Editor’s note: according to the report hall of China, China’s condom industry has increased by 15% annually. Transparency Market Research, a market research firm, estimates that China’s condom manufacturing industry will have an annual growth rate of about 12% by 2024. The potential for steady growth in this market is beyond our imagination. Over the past thirty years, there are two things that have not changed in China’s consumer market. One is the newspaper, from the release to the present, the price has hardly changed, it is still the same; the other is the condom, from the invention has come, the appearance of condoms and prices have not changed much.The same is the price and appearance, change their sales of newspapers from all the people read into the era of units and the elderly subscription habits, condoms are hard to find from the street to the end of the alley to now the supermarket convenience store almost everywhere. With the integration of the global economy and culture, the Chinese concept is becoming more and more open, and the use of condoms and related interest products is becoming more and more popular among the chinese.According to China’s report hall research, China’s condom industry to increase by 15% per year increments. Transparency Market Research, a market research firm, estimates that China’s condom manufacturing industry will have an annual growth rate of about 12% by 2024. The potential for steady growth in this market is beyond our imagination.Other statistics show that in 2014, Chinese people used 7 billion 100 million condoms in, 9 billion 600 million in 2016, and by 2017 this figure will definitely exceed 10 billion.In 2014, China condom production line only in Guangzhou, Guilin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang and other 7 counties have approximately 50 production lines, expanding the limited production capacity seems to keep up with the market. However, in these three years, the Chinese condom market has undergone tremendous changes.Change one: China State Planning Commission purchases condoms from designated procurement into bidding procurement.The news has shocked the entire condom industry, meaning that big manufacturers that had been able to comfortably buy only supplies from the State Treasury Commission were thrown back into the melting pot.In the past, every year, the National Family Planning Commission purchased about 1 billion or more condoms at the major manufacturers, and the pricing was also discussed. Some large factories were able to feed hundreds of people throughout the factory only by orders made by the family planning commission. Now, the State Commission for family planning through the tender way to buy, not only depress the purchase price, but also forcing those fixed-point manufacturers find another way out, thereby stimulating the market, improve market vitality. On the other hand, more capital can also take advantage of the rapid development of the muddy water into the industry. For example, in recent years poured out of the elephants, Nakagawa and other brands.Upheaval two: condom material changes from natural latex rubber to multi material resonance pattern.Many people have noticed their own use of condoms is what material, but if carefully watched the packaging can be found most condom package printed on this line: natural latex rubber condoms.Well, in the past most condoms are used as raw materials for the production of natural rubber latex, but shortly before the first day of Lanzhou issued a new 001 Nakagawa made using polyurethane raw materials for the production of condoms, after Guilin Hambo listed HBM such a thin graphene using graphene as additives the raw material of condoms.The characteristics of each of the two new materials, higher in strength than polyurethane rubber latex and puncture resistance, and Shi Moxi not only strength and better elasticity, but also has the ability to inhibit prostate cancer and ovarian cancer cells. Can be said to break the pattern of China’s condom industry.And you think they just chipping away? Said the two companies are already built one billion levels for the new production line, the market will open to full production for sale. As long as Chinese consumers accept these two new materials, the condom industry is bound to change dramatically.Technological upgrading is a necessary means for industry to change, and capital involvement is the driving force. Now, the condom industry in China meets these two conditions at the same time. Perhaps a big change in the industry is at hand. New Summer Nylon Women Tights Pearl Glitter Velvet Sexy Silk Stockings For Woman

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