Indoorsman talk: I can be a lifetime with the inflatable doll?

Editor’s note: in April 15, 2015, the annual sales volume of China’s sex goods industry has reached 100 billion yuan, but China’s serious gender imbalance so that the market has become hot. Inflatable doll after inflation is relatively soft, elastic, skin and real girls are similar. Easy to carry and clean, can be repeated use. Although many single men will buy a doll to vent their field, but Xiaobian think a lifetime and inflatable doll is good, why spend time and effort to cultivate feelings with others. This is very bad. The inflatable doll is the key point is There are both advantages and disadvantages., do not rely too much, otherwise the consequence is very serious, a little when unable to meet the meet yourself. Adult sex appliance inflation baby long-term use good? Inflatable doll is a simulation of adult toys, can be divided into male and female dolls, and many young people in order to meet the physiological needs, will buy the use of inflatable dolls. So, adult supplies inflatable doll easy to use it? 0″ lower body structure of adult doll inflatable doll like appliance of science, intelligent vibration frequency, can produce negative pressure siphon shrinkage of the vagina, with your sexual experience, causing pressure to the doll, the greater the pressure, the internal structure of the private place more tightly. Please use the inflatable doll inflatable doll taboo internal structure of the body is modelled on the move to set the hands and feet of anti bending or excessive force caused by fracture or damage the internal structure of quality, reduce the service life. In particular, the upper arm can not exceed 80 degrees, or will tear under the armpit silicone, can not be repaired. Joint bending, folding with the surface of silica gel, will recover gradually expanded. Keep, way to straight body or face toward the place. The inflatable doll good long-term use of course is not good, if a person is too dependent on the inflatable doll, satisfied with the inflatable doll, may lead to social phobia, and cause communication difficulties, even bother to communicate with people, and to cultivate the feelings of the situation may also occur, may also be derived from fetish.    black cardigan underwear

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