Inflatable dolls so much, we also need to do not need love

Editor’s note: in the increasingly developed modern society, love has also begun to be quantified and tools. We use virtual social instead of real life friends, take away and garbage instead of the family’s cooking, with Korean to meet the day dream…… And all kinds of inflatable dolls and erotic supplies, but also gradually in the place of a living person. A lot of people for love are simplified into cognition, and desire, about love all kinds of exquisite and rich emotion, seems to have become not essential. Before the sun, the New York Times published a report on the status of the Chinese people’s marriage. Reported that the choice to marry the Chinese people are becoming less. Last year, 12 million pairs of Chinese couples registered for marriage, the number of second consecutive years of decline. Consistent with this trend is that last year’s divorce of the couple reached 3 million 800 thousand pairs, two times more than 10 years ago. Sexy legs silicone dolls

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