International Sexy love doll Association

A sexy love doll project involved 863 scientists say, 863 has a positive role in promoting the development of the sexy love doll, but also quite a few detours.

Government has invested heavily in the ‘863’ key seems to be no fundamental breakthrough, published on the shelf to get the funds. A sexy love doll manufacturer with respect, some universities and enterprises, scientific research is to take money tool. ‘We worked with a university, the project began cents hand, the real is less than one percent, and the effect can be imagined.’
patented must sexy love doll industry, insiders say so, domestic patents, less international patent conversion of little value these patents bring good news or use, is used for the project, with professional title, not the market with. 2014 International Sexy love doll Association released a report that Las Vegas’ lack of technical innovation and the sexy love doll industry, including innovative ideas and creative achievement; no backbone enterprises to participate in international competition, generally small-scale, quality and reliability of key components behind the world’s advanced level of 5 to 10 years. Some local governments, businesses large-scale sexy love doll delay is difficult to introduce alternative plan, because the lack of marketable products.
Chinese sexy love doll are to develop; we must face up to less than Las Vegas currently exist. When the domestic sexy love doll manufacturers can devote themselves to do the core technology; integrators can go into the market applications, research institutions can stop and engage in scientific research, and thinking about how scientific and technological achievements into reality; heart set national policy loopholes speculation drill camp are gone without a trace, Las Vegas’ sexy love doll industry also to the time of the outbreak.

But the current situation, Las Vegas really achieve this ideal situation, there are a lot of work to do, long way to go.

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