Interview with Adult supplies self-service vending machines, unexpected results

Editor’s note: “vending machine” we should not be too strange, in the light rail station, game hall, we can see. It is generally 24 hours for our service, or selling drinks, or the sale of tickets. It is something that is commonly used in life. The utility model reduces the cost of employing people, saves the space occupied by the land, and improves the efficiency of people’s life. But if the “vending machine” for you to buy the goods, some people “shame, even” Da “can not describe, how would you feel? In Chongqing, a district where there is a “Adult supplies vending machine”, in the area of street supermarket “stand”, 24 hours waiting for customers. Rub the night, we take this adult supplies vending machine as the focus of the surrounding staff, residents visited.

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