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Abstract: a female condom like this, because you no longer buy condoms embarrassed a female condom like this, because you no longer buy condoms embarrassed 0″ a new female condom for contraception becomes lovely, the ultimate twenty-second rules: we Lovability condom they need to prevent STD (sexually transmitted diseases), but to buy them, carry them, they feel dirty. Tiffany Gaines, 24, wants to change the situation. She is raising funds to expand the process of new product inventory for her Lovability condom. These condoms are condoms designed specifically for women’s comfort, not just for sex. “Lovability condoms are very special, excellent. It made me realize that I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I got it, and I didn’t even feel uncomfortable with it”. Gaines said. “These years, male condom has become the dominant super products in the market”. This is a problem, usually the male condom use (including female condom) probability about 82% effective in preventing pregnancy, they are the only ones that can prevent STD contraceptive. The national and municipal health departments are fairly sure that condoms are good for the public, and they even distribute condoms in free form (like New York and Philadelphia). However, only 19% of single women said they used condoms every time. Gaines found that the majority of women said they hated the experience of buying condoms, and that they would be ashamed to take it, not to mention the anxiety when it was used. Even so, 6 million 200 thousand of women are against the male condom for contraception. However, this is not surprising, because the condom experience really creepy. First of all, you have to find a condom in the drugstore and treatment of pregnancy test strip yeast infection (next to nothing sexy), then you have to store some quietly opened the plastic protective layer (so it looks like you feel like in the crime) when you finally lined up, ready to buy their payment when everyone will see you look, what you’re buying (cast contempt eyes). Carrying condoms is quite embarrassing – like Reese Witherspoon’s role in Wild was judged was found by hikers in her hiding place. After all… Gaines said many women worry about tearing slippery packaging will be careful not to break the condom, warm or a moment put on the condom. Lovability is not just a taste of the female customers to the condom company, to sell to women is elegant paper packaging and decorated with shells and bamboo piece of environmental protection condoms. L condom is also a focus on women’s brands, and each sold a condom on a donation of Africa (and provide one hour delivery in some places). But Lovability is the one and only, unlike other condoms: they are in a lovely small tin box, other than any looks like lip balm or mints so. “You’ll be attracted to the store because of its shape”. Gaines say so. “It’s absolutely independent. It looks like a cosmetic”. The cans are designed to be carried by women in their wallets without embarrassment, and if it is found, the unexpected situation is not to be feared. The design also eliminates in opening the package, the condoms may tear anxiety; Lovability condom has a special Goldilocks package, which means not to mistake the side which is the positive condom. “If it’s foil wrapped, you won’t know, you just rip it apart and hope it’s okay,” Gaines said. For us, not only to create a condom, which is more convenient, more beautiful, but also more practical, home essential is very important.” And then each box of condoms will pay an incentive statement Lovability is a very young company: two person company established only spent less than $10 thousand, even though she is the president of the company Gaines, it took several hours to assemble their own canister. But condoms are so popular that they have been sold out in lingerie stores in New York. This is why Gaines and Claire Courtney, communications director, Lovability, to raise funds to do more. They look at the big outlets, like Sephora, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, but also want to feel comfortable in other places, such as beauty salons, gym, spa. Basically, they only want to sell their condoms do not sell other condoms. Or, as Gaines puts it, “why don’t you find your favorite condom brand when you enjoy spa with girls?” Gaines says Lovability’s aesthetic appeal is public health and sexual rights – she wants more women to have condoms at any time to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. “You can be safer if it is a shared responsibility. In most cases, some men don’t want to, “Gaines said. “It’s a good opportunity to take advantage of women’s judgments. In addition, Gaines adds that some women like to prepare condoms because they know in the past

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