Japanese actress endorsement of Beijing non shine Guangzhou Cultural Festival 2016 Guangzhou Cultural Festival — an interview with Dr.

Editor’s note: as we all know, adult products in China’s market has been controversial, even the adult shop operators will avoid and discuss this topic. However, a potential and promising industry is all the strength of the outside world can not stop it, the development of the. It is understood that the China sex products consumption has reached the scale of 100 billion, in the past eleven, Adult supplies sales to Taobao are beginning to pay attention to it, that is to say: Adult supplies industry in the spring, finally approaching. Adult supplies since entering the Chinese market, has been highly controversial, however, this is an embarrassing thing to talk about, but quietly developed into a hundred billion level of the kingdom of the scale. Under the background of the traditional physical stores suffered electricity suppliers, adult supplies but with incredible speed swept the line under the market, set off a wave of anti cold winter. Orange adult is one of the best.

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