Japanese promotional use sex doll adult game ‘Love Gal’

‘Love Gal’is an upcoming sale of adult games in Japan,depending on its tagline, it is not simply a Japanese Man style game, it’s so special about it in a true real-time 3D games! Well,it’s a bit unclear as saying.But it does not matter,I mainly want to tell you that the game is on unique promotional tools. Retailers are using sex doll for promotion for the game.

In fact,for an adult game,using a sex doll to the promotion can be considered appropriately. And the sex doll shape was very good, and I mean very mix of game. This work will be February 24 on sale in Japan,the developer is an adult game powerhouse Illusion,so presumably will guarantee quality of the game.Nevertheless, honestly, this year no matter what happens in Japan does not seem to make people feel a novelty.

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