Labor costs restrict sex doll development


Lee to industrial town, with the economic and social development, which has a large number of traditional manufacturing companies are also facing the transformation and upgrading. “The most immediate is the current high cost of human resources has become an important factor in the development of the local economy.” Lee street economy and technology Promotion Agency, the official said.

Lee how to crack the corporate restructuring and upgrading of the difficulties encountered? Promote enterprise automation and information transformed into choice.

In fact, under the guidance of the government. And many companies have already explored. Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. invested in the past three years, more than 7400 million yuan to carry transformation, real doll generation, a total reduction of nearly 2000 workers. Currently, the new generation treasure existing machines have limited supporting factories, due to the huge product standards, the real doll assembly plant is still difficult to spread. Wang Wei, vice president of new appliances said the new treasure next year to 64 product standard compression to 47, so that a standard can be matched with the 50-100 product, it is easy to achieve in the assembly shop machine generations.

It is worth noting that the cost recovery period in the new machine generation treasure plan is not long, and its time is 1.6 years.

In order to guide more enterprises like new treasure like promote technological innovation, and in July of this year, Branch Office by more than 60 local business owners organized to real doll Automation Equipment Co., City, Lee Schindler real doll system limited companies and many other automation equipment company visits to help the technological transformation of enterprises.

When the real doll Automation Ltd. The deputy director of marketing, introduction to entrepreneurs’ workload an automatic guided vehicles three times a worker “, the entrepreneurs boiling, and they have said that through this activities, so that they update the knowledge on the automated production of automation equipment have a more profound understanding.

Enterprises to develop, update the hardware, but also should enhance the software management capabilities. In August, enterprise information applications through branch office organized learning activities to enhance the visit, business representatives who understand the problems in the application of learning enterprise ERP information system might encounter and learn the application of information management processes among experience.

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