Little-known fun Economy: undervalued billion market

Editor’s note: as compared with the traditional clothing, catering and other traditional industries on the market, the adult goods industry can be said to be “living in a crevice” – based on the basic national conditions of china. Since the public can not talk about sex, many investors will not dare to rush into the adult goods industry, so the huge profits behind this industry can only be very few people aware. According to Ali, Jingdong’s consumer data report shows: domestic interest products market size close to 10 billion. When the fourth retail revolution began, the emphasis on diversification, participation and personalized new consumption, but also in the highly private shopping online shopping behavior can be highlighted. In August 23rd, 21 Jingdong BD Research Institute released the 2017 China online adult consumer trends report, focusing on Jingdong’s massive online consumer behavior analysis of adult goods.The adult products market is divided into two parts: household goods and pleasure products. Household products, including condoms, contraceptives and other sexes just need supplies, interest products include aircraft cup, vibration stick, sexy underwear and other “upgraded” amphoteric products. From the Jingdong data analysis, the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2017, the market for interest products is 1.78 times to 2.25 times of the scale of the household goods market. Based on the $1 billion 880 million condom market in 2015, the 21 Jingdong BD Research Institute predicts that China’s adult market will be $9 billion by 2020.The rapid growth of adult goods market reflects the characteristics of impulse consumption, creative winning, and other issues such as weak influence of domestic brands, lack of standardization of products, and affecting the user experience. The standardization of online adult products, especially the interest items and the shaping of brand influence are still a long way to go.Hormone market strong growthAccording to the report, online sales of adult products have risen from 2014 to the present, whether in terms of sales or sales. After 2015, a large number of consumer goods appeared in the market, and users were willing to spend more on items of interest.Among them, the “80” is the main force of online adult supplies users, more than half of adult supplies online users for married people. These consumers tend to have online shopping habits, and marriage love frequency stability, thought is more open, thus become the online Adult supplies “carry handle”. But it is worth noting that the “80” more choice hygiene supplies, 90 little meat taste users accounted for more, it also reflects the “90” to “early adopters”, experience unusual experience characteristics. As users gradually begin to pursue individuality, diversity and participation, the future of adult products market will be dominated by creativity.Interestingly, unmarried people choose more household goods, but married people are more interested in consumer goods. Even married men have high demand for masturbation, a typical category of spice products. Since 2014, married people are the main force in the purchase of masturbation, the highest sales accounted for even up to 70%. According to the trend of development, the 21 Jingdong BD Research Institute expects interesting products in married people still have a lot of room for growth.Why do married people demand more for masturbation? 21 Jingdong BD Research Institute believes that first, married people are more regular sexual life, as part of daily life. Two is because the woman is pregnant or two places separated and so on, married people will take the initiative to buy masturbation device. In simple terms, masturbation is, to some extent, a “just” requirement for married people”.From the income situation, small white-collar workers and blue collar workers are the main consumers of online adult products. It is worth noting that, the more income less user groups, the more popular appeal to meet their own desires, small white-collar and blue collar actually more in the purchase of supplies. Therefore, finding the target customers is the key point of brand marketing.21 Jingdong BD Research Institute believes that this and since the beginning of twenty-first Century, the fourth single tide is not related. Since single men and women are economically important when choosing a spouse, the possibility of single groups with less income increases. Without their regular partners and no big spending on the family, they would be able to spend more money on sex goods to alleviate the loneliness of the night”.Another very interesting market segment for the campus market, not only its growth is strong, and the growth rate is much higher than the overall market. Sales statistics, 2015, the campus market adult products sales grew by 142%, 2016, the campus market adult products sales grew 144%. Over the same period, the growth rate of total adult products was 69.4% and 32.6% respectively. Campus market share still has great room for improvement.Male dominated adult supplies consumptionFrom the point of view of gender relations, since 2014, the number of male users buy Adult supplies online has occupied a dominant position, and then with the female users gradually widened the gap, and the user’s purchase amount is widening. This shows that women are still slightly shy of buying adult items online”. It is worth noting that men pay more attention to functionality in the process of buying adult products, while women pay more attention to quality and design. This is also a manifestation of differences between men and women in purchasing.Not only are more people buying, but also more expensive for male users. Since 2014, the price of male users has been more than women, although in 2017 women users narrowed the gap, but still slightly below men. From the perspective of comparative price and fun items, the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2017, the average price of more than the female male apparatus for 10.5%, and the price of male apparatus to maintain the upward trend is relatively stable, price is significant fluctuations in women’s apparatus.The “absolute advantage” that men buy is also potentially reflected in the quantity of goods. The report shows that the number of men’s interest products SKU far more than women, and the gap is still rapidly widening. In 2015, the male SKU was 1.9 times that of female SKU, compared with 4.3 times in 2017. By contrast, the European market is dominated by women, and women account for nearly 70%. This means that the domestic female market is suppressed, there is a huge space for mining.In the sexual experience, safety contraception is the common pursuit of boys and girls. In addition, the boys left the pursuit of energy-saving. One of these is masturbation, and in the past year and a half, men have continued to strengthen the market share of the masturbation machine, even more than 80% in the first half of this year. In contrast, one of the most popular category of girls for the purchase of pregnancy pregnancy test, which reflects women’s concerns on security.Brand influence has yet to be improvedWhether the number of comments or comments Slide Show interactive, user evaluation speed rises over the past three years. A pleasant surprise is that in sharing intimate experience, online Adult supplies users generous. However, judging from the evaluation situation, the rate of praise for adult products is relatively low, while the poor assessment rate is higher.From the number of users re purchase rate, since the first half of 2014 so far, the highest user loyalty category from love toys transferred to contraception, pregnancy related products. The brand loyalty of household goods is far higher than that of spice products. More than half of the users buy a brand all year round, but users of interest products choose to buy 2 to 4 brands. Body lubrication, sexy underwear, aircraft cups, vibrators and other products, customer loyalty is very unstable.21 – Jingdong BD Research Institute believes that this is because the current Adult supplies are not unified, in addition to outside no condom brands, users easily because of the feeling of “less than the value conversion of the purchase object, Adult supplies especially fun supplies brand influence in shaping the way.However, compared to international brands, domestic brands are quietly counter attack. Although the international brand Durex, Okamoto and Jissbon since 2016 to occupy the top three condom sales and sales, but the second half of 2016 to the first half of 2017, domestic Adult supplies brand sales rose 72%, international brand sales year-on-year growth in the same period only 6%. Followed by the three leading brands, is a number of domestic brands of condoms. Sales and sales in the top five relative stability, reflecting some domestic big name began to take shape.21 – Jingdong BD Research Institute believes that on the one hand, thanks to domestic Adult supplies in cost and other aspects to find the localization of their differences, on the other hand, due to the domestic brand small base, for example in the condom market, has long been the international brands occupy the absolute advantage, so the domestic brand growth speed is relatively more easily.Overall, the online adult products market needs to be further upgraded. The report shows that the proportion of safety contraception plus condoms is 33%, still the highest proportion of adult goods, and the concentrated consumption of Chinese people is still more traditional condoms”. Despite the overall sales of interest products, and there is no lack of inflatable dolls, sexy lingerie and other star projects, but relative to contraceptives, the proportion of dispersed, all kinds of products still need further growth. ONOMAY Powerful Oral Clit Vibrators for Women 7 Speeds USB Rechargeable Waterproof

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