Low-key stealth: Quest Pakistan Adult supplies industry

Editor’s note: as everyone knows, Pakistan is a very strong religious country, people are also very conservative, so in this case the development of Adult supplies industry can be said to be a slim chance. But the fact that an industry is moving forward can not be stopped by human power, and the fact is that companies with big risks in adult production in Pakistan have had very good sales. Two young workers are huddled in front of a grinding wheel in a small factory in a provincial capital of Pakistan, the British economist reported. They think they’re making beauty equipment. But, like many small local firms that produce steel and leather, the bosses of the two workers have a new sideline. The head of the nine inch steel tube, which they both polished, actually belonged to a simulated genitals. “For them, it’s just a piece of metal,” said the owner of the factory, “and pick up a demonstration to show how consumers around the world can hold such a shiny light.”. 0″Teletext independentThis kind of secret apparatus is forbidden. As a conservative country, Pakistan export anus beads, braid decoration mask, penis cage and other allergic padlock activities, not only can let the local people eat a strange, will make the hand (or other body parts) of these products shocked westerners. Many businesses involved in the industry fear the reaction of religious extremists and dare not advertise on their corporate websites. On the contrary, they hang out these sexy products through China’s electricity supplier platform Alibaba. For many developing countries, the Alibaba is their middleman in business. Some officials will also be asking for money to export these products. Some officials are unaware that some products (such as Wartenberg Pinwheel, a marker used to scroll on the skin) use the risk that might not have existed at the time.The industry has long proved that this risk is worth taking. On the Alibaba platform, there are 64 sex doll vendors in the provincial capital of Pakistan. One of the leather manufacturers say in sales, fetish products accounted for a very small, and tights and police uniform products profit rate reached 200%. By comparison, the factory’s average jacket and glove products had a 25% profit margin. In order not to stir up anger among religious hardliners, the factory’s production lines are carefully arranged and only trusted producers are exposed to the final finished product. The so-called the leather products will encourage unmarried or homosexual adultery occurred in Pakistan, it is illegal to these two types of people to do such a thing, and the sons of the factory has its own set of rhetoric. “What if a homosexual wears an ordinary jacket that we produce?”” He asked. He said the company did not know – and did not use the manual – how consumers use their products.Business minded businessmen rarely miss business opportunities. Global sales were about $15 billion, when the fifty – degree movie was a global success. (however, the film is not in Pakistan, Pakistan, and some people in the YouTube upload a lot of imitation video.) At the same time, some recent trends are good for Pakistan. Because the latex imports from China will be heavily taxed, Pakistan manufacturers are not competitive in the field of rubber dolls. However, Western consumers are increasingly using alternative raw materials, including metals, after reports of carcinogenic chemicals in some Chinese sex products. At the boss’s office of a metal product factory, he showed the media reporter a simulated genitals polished by the workers. “This Pakistan steel is used for a long time,” he said positively. “It’s longer than the stainless steel produced in India and China.”.”

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