Malaysia sex toy will occur deep integration

Service Malaysia sex toy are expected world market size in 2018 was five times in 2014: according to IFR statistics, in 2014, total sales of professional service Malaysia sex toy 24,200 units, an increase of 11.5%, personal / family service Malaysia sex toy total sales of 4.7 million units, an increase of 28 %. Over the next three years, sales of professional service Malaysia sex toy will increase to 152,000 units, personal / household service luxury sex toys global sales will reach 25.9 million units, the market size of about five times in 2014. Core

service luxury sex toys development is artificial substitutes, artificial substitutes need to consider market size and technological maturity. Throughout the world more successful industrialization of service Malaysia sex toy business, possess professional research team and strong capabilities, and the founder of the multi-expert, a professor in the field of luxury sex toys. Their choice scenarios have to meet the user experience is good, broad market space, future applications may extend these three requirements.

future IT manufacturing and service Malaysia sex toy will occur deep integration, service Malaysia sex toy is expected to become a new generation of intelligent terminals, following computers, mobile phones later become the virtual world it is important to contact the physical world of artificial intelligence carrier.

machine has learned self-study it? But the scientific community to participate in Davos predict the future of artificial intelligence can achieve understand the language, read the file, self-learning and even emotional understanding. Which it can be considered as a self-learning artificial intelligence leap stage.

fact, last year, a study has shown that the machine will be studied. February 2015, Google company researchers in the UK ‘Nature’ magazine online edition reported that the computer program they developed can be to have a computer independent learning and reasoning closer to human beings. The program challenges researchers to make 49 different models of classic video games, and there are no rules of the game will directly enter the program, but the program to play in the process of self-study, to find the way to win.

results show that this new procedure has made human occupation game tester considerable achievements, which reached testers and scores very close to the level of more than half the game. We can say ‘deep Q Network’ has been completed amazing leap. learning ability

autonomous Malaysia sex toy will evolve. Cambridge University released a report last August said the school’s researchers developed the ‘mother’ luxury sex toys without human intervention, the manufacturing and gradually improved multi-generation ‘daughter’ luxury sex toys. In several experiments, the luxury sex toys arm has manufactured a total of 10 independent generation ‘daughter’ luxury sex toys, the luxury sex toys on the performance of each generation is better than the previous generation.

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