Marriage is to view consistency, and harmonious sex life

Editor’s note: China is a “talk” color, but many Chinese did not keep talking about sex in “traditional virtues”, their yearning and pursuit of higher quality taste, so for fun activities, their attitude is quite warm. It is said that no matter how deep feelings between the sexes, with the interest of time will gradually fade, and harmonious life in relationships and play a very important role, so many people are not only sex toys as a “great scourges”, but also use them as a part of daily life activities in. Three linked to from a stranger to the acquaintance to marriage, with you I will not talk about the ideal material of understanding. Spirit together, can be integrated, not deviate from each other. However, as a marriage, three consistent like-minded is certainly the premise, but you cannot ignore the dare and dare not say in the table of married life. A harmonious sex life will ensure your marriage is as good as ever.

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