Men everywhere sedentary, be careful around your impotence

Editor’s note: This is a very strange phenomenon, that is: when the society is in progress, living standards have been greatly improved, but suffering from infertility groups are increasingly large, especially in the male population is most obvious. Through the survey found that most of the men have a common point, that is, long-term smoking, drinking and extreme lack of exercise. In doing these smoking or drinking after his body did not feel any discomfort, but in fact, the harm of claws has gradually extended to various organs and sexual function. Alcohol can produce anesthesia on the nervous system, can inhibit the human sexual function, coupled with long term does not exercise, and thus cause failure, in men, the performance is more obvious. Thus, excessive drinking is indeed one of the incentives lead to impotence. The Chinese medicine network Xiaobian introduce sedentary men everywhere to find your detailed impotence:

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